WordPress features highlights

  • Complex Tariff

    Complex Tariff allows you to configure tariffs that match multiple conditions: customer group, date range, charge type (per room per night or per person per night or package per room or package per person). It also allows you to create and show multiple tariffs for the same room type in the front end, for example, a guest can choose between "Standard tariff with breakfast $100" and "Standard tariff without breakfast $90".

    Complex Tariff

    When you select 'per person per night', you can enter a price for each person (including adult and child) that you defined for that room type. You can even specify the age range of child that you want to apply the price as well as limit the check-in date.

    Complex Tariff
  • One page reservation

    Traditional reservation forms (and generic forms) are boring and confused (nobody like to fill in forms by the way!). We try our best to make reservation process a nice experience for your guests with our one-page reservation form.

    One page reservation
  • Invoice & PDF

    Our Invoice plugin has 03 professional invoices layouts for you to choose:

    Layout 1:

    Invoice & PDF

    Layout 2:

    Invoice & PDF

    Layout 3:

    Invoice & PDF

    WordPress users can try it right now by upgrading to Solidres for WP v0.9.1 and Invoice for WP plugin v0.5.0

  • Report & Statistic

    Stay on top of your data with Solidres's report and statistic feature, your data is visualized with nice charts and tables, quickly navigate through different data set with predefined date range filter. You can also specify custom date range as well as comparing two date ranges.

    Statistics Statistics

    A new Dashboard is added to allow a quick overview of the availability of all assets or a specific asset. It also allows you to quickly block room or make a quick booking via dragging effect. It is more convenient than the old limit booking UI.

  • Camera Slideshow

    Camera Slideshow plugin provides slideshow in a widget. This plugin is built to support our WordPress themes. A nice and responsive slideshow with many effects to attract your guests.

    Camera Slideshow

    There are many options for you to customize the look & feel as well as the functionality of Camera Slideshow.

    Camera Slideshow
  • Limit Booking

    Limit Booking plugin makes it easy to take some of your rooms out of availability pool. The user interface of this plugin is very straightforward, just enter title and description, then select a limit booking date range and select rooms that you want to apply. You can also use the Refresh Room List button to update the availability status of your rooms instantly.

    Limit Booking
  • User plugin

    User plugin allows your guest to register an account with your site (optionally) while making a reservation. With an account, your guest will enjoy a much more convenient and faster-booking experience. You can also manage their accounts at the backend.

    User plugin

    Your guest also has their own dedicated dashboard in the front end, after logged in to it, they can manage their reservation, cancel it as well as edit their profile.

    User plugin
  • Advanced Extra plugin

    Advanced Extra plugin enhances the core Extras system in Solidres. It offers more charge types like Per Room, Per Booking, Per Booking Per Stay (night or day), Per Booking Per Person, Per Room Per Stay, Per Room Per Person, Per Room Per Person Per Stay.

    Advanced Extra plugin
  • Discount plugin

    The discount plugin adds the ability to define discount rules for Solidres. There are 4 types of discounts: Discount on the length of stay (night or day), Discount on a number of booked rooms, Discount on a number of days booked in advance, Discount on room type availability.

    Discounts can be accumulative or not.

    Discount plugin

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