Open Source

Solidres brings advantages of an open source software: customizability, interoperability, flexibility

Easy to install

Installing Solidres is easy, just like other Joomla's extensions, no custom procedures.

Easy to use

We always work very hard to create a friendly user interface that easy to use and manage.

Easy to modify

Solidres is a native Joomla's extension, built on top of the latest Joomla API, follow Joomla coding standard.

Commercial Features (for Joomla only)

Hub - Multiple assets

Hub (For Subscribers)

Hub plugin provides a booking portal capacity. Read more here.

Complex Tariff

Complex Tariff (For Subscribers)

More flexible tariff configuration (per night or per person), multiple tariffs for the same room type, read more here

User plugin

User plugin (For Subscribers)

Allow guest to register an account with your site while making reservation. Read more here.

Limit Booking plugin

Limit Booking (For Subscribers)

Need to take some of your rooms out of booking for renovation?

Invoice and PDF attachment

Invoice & PDF (For Subscribers)

Allows you to generate/download/email/preview invoices in backend as well as creates email's reservation PDF attachment.


Statistics (For Subscribers)

Provide a dashboard with report and statistics ability for your Solidres with nice charts.


Discount plugin (For Subscribers)

A plugin which provides various types of discounts (on room cost) for your booking system.

Advanced Extra

Advanced Extra (For Subscribers)

This plugin enhances the core Extras system and provide various types of charging types for your Extras.


Feedback (For Subscribers)

This plugin allows your guest to leave feedback about their stay.

Load module

Load module (For Subscribers)

This plugin allows loading Joomla modules into asset and room type's descriptions.

Camera slideshow

Camera slideshow (For Subscribers)

A nice and responsive slideshow with many effects to attract your guests.

Joomla Templates

L'amour template

L'amour template (For Subscribers)

A dedicated Joomla template for Solidres.

Adora template

Adora template (For Subscribers)

A dedicated Joomla template for Solidres.

Luxuria template

Luxuria template (For Subscribers)

A dedicated Joomla template for Solidres.

BlueBee template

BlueBee template (For Subscribers)

A dedicated Joomla template for Solidres.

7start template

7start template (For Subscribers)

A dedicated Joomla template for Solidres.

Payment gateways plugin

Paypal Standard

Paypal Standard (For Subscribers)

Get paid via Paypal Standard payment gateways.


Unionpay (For Subscribers)

Provide integration with Unionpay. AIM (For Subscribers)

Provide integration with API AIM (Advanced Integration Method).


Cielo (For Subscribers)

Get paid via Cielo payment gateways.

Atlantic Bank

Atlantic Bank (For Subscribers)

Get paid via Atlantic Bank payment gateways.

Offline payment plugin

Offline payment plugin (For Subscribers)

Collect guest's credit card info at booking time for later processing.

Core Features

Standard tariff

Standard tariff

The standard tariff of room type, it is set for each day of week. For more flexible tariff configuration, use Complex Tariff plugin

Multiple currencies

Multiple currencies

Ability to switch currency for room tariffs.


Coupon / Extra

Reward your guest with Coupon or adding extra package for reservation. Extra packages can be configured to be mandatory/per booking/per room.

Easy media management

Easy media management

Manage media in one central place, upload multiple media at once. Automatically create thumbnails in different sizes.

Availability Calendar

Availability Calendar

You can view availability calendar for each room type, if a room is busy it will be indicated with red color in the calendar.



Support translating Solidres with Falang integration

Google Map integrated

Google Map integrated

All you need to do is enter your address and Solidres will automatically calculate the info to display the map for you.

Custom fields

Custom fields

The existing form fields are not enough for you? Just define as much fields as you need with our custom fields feature.

Simple gallery

Simple gallery

Solidres has a built-in, simple gallery that can display multiple photos in a lightbox effect.