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Solidres for Joomla 3.0.1 STABLE released

Thank you for all the feedback for v3.0.0 BETA, we are now able to ship v3.0.1 STABLE which fixes various issues since the BETA release and improves Joomla 5 support. We also introduce the new channel manager Beds24 integration, details change log can be found below:

Solidres 3.0.1 STABLE

  • Coupon and extra: add support for Solidres 3 new media manager
  • Fix PHP notice in System Info page related to accordion
  • Fix incorrect children quantity drop down required attribute in room type form
  • Fix toolbar button margin in partner dashboard
  • Show update version for lib_dompdf in System Info page
  • Improve support for Joomla 5
  • CSS cleanup
  • Customer dashboard: add support for new Solidres 3 media manager
  • Auto scroll: fix the anchor when the inquiry form is showed
  • System page: add missing Square payment plugin
  • Joomla user edit page: fix the State fields not populated automatically when the country field is changed
  • SEF: fix various regressions
  • Fix PHP warning in default_roomtype.php when there is no available room types
  • Fix Invalid controller class: reservationbase (Statistics widgets)

Channel Manager 2.0.0

  • New channel manager provider: Beds24. There is a new documentation for it here.
  • Fix issue: field ‘customer_mobilephone’ does not have a default value
  • Move CSS from Solidres Core to plugin

iCal 2.0.0

  • New feature: multiple importing sources
  • Fix parsing iCal date record issue in some setup

Hub 1.14.1

  • Partner dashboard: support Solidres 3 new media manager for coupon and extra
  • Fix responsive issue in frontend subscription levels list
  • Fix uninstallation issue related to commission rate per property
  • Task scheduler: fix SubscriptionHelper not found
  • Partner dashboard: remove fields Article and Image for Coupon/Extra as they are not designed for Hub users
  • Theme: fix saving issue related to the ordering column
  • Hub update accidentally delete the whole Joomla CLI folder
  • Improve translations

Experience 1.10.1 BETA

  • Integrate with the Solidres 3 new media manager
  • Coupon and extra: apply Solidres 3 new media manager
  • Reservation: fix saving issue related to custom_id field
  • Reservation: fix broken JS calls to load customer details
  • Categories view (frontend): fix incorrect category items loaded
  • Tag: fix issue that tag could not be assigned
  • Experiences view (frontend): fix incorrect items ordering
  • Terms and conditions modal: hide title and make it wider
  • Improving translations
  • Time slots: fix incorrect blocking
  • Improving the reservation completion message
  • Fix payment methods popover display issue with Bootstrap 5

ACL 0.5.3

  • Fix PHP warning related to strtolower

Limit Booking 1.1.7

  • Remove redundant statuses + add missing Trash option
  • Improve Bootstrap 5 support and fix incorrect field description

Coupons module 1.0.0

  • Add support for Solidres 3 new media manager (need more testing + update template)

Extras module 1.0.0

  • Add support for Solidres 3 new media manager (need more testing + update template)

Statistics 1.8.6

  • Remove the deprecated Solidres.options
  • Fix issue with startTabSet in widgets
  • Support new Beds24 channel manager

Advanced Search module 1.3.8

  • Support Solidres 3 new media manager
  • Fix issue $.datepicker is undefined

Experience Extras module 0.2.0

  • Support Solidres 3 new media manager
  • Improve performance
  • Improve Joomla 4 support
  • Cleanup module parameters

Experience List module 0.7.3

  • Support Solidres 3 new media manager
  • Improve FontAwesome 5 support
  • Cleanup module parameters

Complex Tariff 1.7.1

  • Support new Beds24 channel manager
  • Weekly mode: add tips for users
  • Quicktools improvements: add autoscroll support and rework the layout
  • Hide the Interval field for Monthly mode as it does not apply
  • CSS improvements

Camera slideshow module 0.8.0

  • Add new parameter to limit the number of images showed

Camera slideshow plugin 1.0.0

  • Add new parameter to limit the number of images showed

Feedback 1.3.1

  • Call to undefined method Joomla\CMS\Router\Router::link()
  • Fix issue: Required field: Feedback title / Feedback type

Assets module 1.0.5

  • Update layout versioning
  • Add support for property 2 new fields Static min/max prices

Invoice 1.7.0

  • view=registrationcard: fix list icon
  • Remove non-existing cli folder from manifest file
  • Support Solidres 3 new media manager

Quick Search 0.4.0

  • Add support for Joomla 4

Vegas slideshow 0.2.0

  • Support new media manager in Solidres 3+

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Update notes

  • Check our documentation for more details about upgrade notes
  • Make sure that you install Dompdf plugin as it is required for all PDF functionality since v2.8.0. Old Tcpdf is unsupported now.
  • Solidres is now required PHP 7.4+ and Joomla 4+. Please make sure that you upgrade your PHP version first before upgrading to new Solidres version.

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