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Archive for May, 2014

Paypal plugin 0.4.0: Authorization and Capture

We are glad to introduce 0.4.0 which is the latest version of our Paypal plugin, this version has a new feature which allows asset’s owner to have a new option “Payment action”, this new option has 2 values which can be chose from:

  • Sale: a payment is¬†authorized and captured simultaneously.
  • Authorization: a payment is authorized first and it will be captured later.

More information about Paypal Basic Authorization can be found here:


This plugin is in Beta phrase at this moment, all subscribers can download from our Download section, please use it for testing only and don’t use it for live site yet. If you found any bugs please let us know.

To use it, please download and install it (you can install as new or install on top of existing Paypal plugin to upgrade it), then go to your asset – tab Payment and configure the new option, then save your asset. Done.

We are currently working very hard to finalize Solidres 0.7.0, if you are a subscriber, you can always download and test it, if you found any bugs just let us know via our ticket system.

Have a nice week!

Solidres 0.7.0 Beta 2 released

Solidres 0.7.0 Beta 2 has been released for all subcribers. Please use it for testing purpose only and do not install it in your live site.

Solidres 0.7.0 Beta 2

Change log for Beta 1:

  • Add article and image field for Extras.
  • Add article and image field for Coupons.
  • Add option for guest to create new account during reservation process.
  • Add VAT field.
  • Improve template overrides for email templates.
  • Improve the UI in several places (backend and front end)

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