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Archive for April, 2018

New feature highlight: manageable reservation and payment statuses

At this moment, reservation and payment statuses are hard coded and they can not be changed with code modification. In the upcoming release we are working on a new feature which allows admin to manage their reservation and payment statuses. The new status system applies to both asset and experience. As this is a major change, we will need to test it carefully before it can be released to the public.

New status system in Solidres

New feature highlight: booking per time slots for Experience

We’ve added a new feature for Experience plugin so that it allows booking per time slots and per resource. A resource is a general term and the exact meaning depends on your business type. If your business is about travel, then resource could be your tour guide. If the system you want to build is for dental appointment making, then resource is the doctor. There are many use cases for this new Experience feature.

New feature highlight: Reservation info tracking

We’ve added a new feature which allow guests to check for their reservation info using a combination of reservation code and email address. Before having this feature, the only way for guest to check their reservation info is through the front end customer dashboard, however they must have a registered account to access. This feature offers an additional way and it makes the system easier to use for your guests while still being able to maintain the privacy of your guest’s reservation info.

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