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New feature highlight: Percent pricing

This new feature was added in Complex Tariff 1.8.0 for rate plan type “Per person per stay”, there is a new setting “Pricing type” with 2 values: Fixed and Percent. When activated, the adult 1’s price will be set as BASE price, and other adults and children’s prices will be the percent of the BASE price. The percent pricing feature could help maintaining rate plan easier and faster for specific businesses.

Solidres for Joomla 3.1.0 BETA released

We are happy to announce the first major release in 2024: Solidres for Joomla 3.1.0 BETA. This release introduces several new features, especially for enhancing the rate plan functionality with Complex Tariff plugin, detailed change log can be found below. Please note that this is a BETA release, it should be used for testing purpose only, do not use it in your product sites.

Solidres for Joomla 3.1.0 BETA

  • New feature: Occupied vs Unoccupied pricing (requires Complex Tariff plugin 1.8.0+). With this feature the owner can set different price for occupied stay vs unoccupied stay within the same reservation. It can be turned on in Solidres Config > Rate plan.
  • New feature: Percent pricing (requires Complex Tariff plugin 1.8.0+). With this feature (at this moment it applies for rate plan with type Per person per stay), it is now possible to set a base price (adult 1’s price), then for other adults and children the prices can be set as percent of the base price.
  • New feature: new settings Min adults + Max adults + Min children + Max children at rate plan level (requires Complex Tariff plugin 1.8.0+). The new settings allow you to set more flexible rate plan structure than the old Min people and Max people settings.
  • New feature: property extra email attachments. The property owner can set extra file to be added as attachment in the reservation completion email sending to the guest. Multiple files supported.
  • Replace jQuery UI Autocomplete with the bundled Joomla Awesomplete library
  • Replace webui-popover with Bootstrap popover
  • Upgrade jQuery UI to 1.13.2
  • Rate plan > Child room cost = Mixed: fix incorrect calculation
  • Reservation note: email sender info now uses the Joomla Email Config, not property name/email to avoid sending issue with some strict SMTP servers.
  • Hub > Partner dashboard: fix failed coupon and extra saving
  • Hub > Filter module: fix styling for distance slider filter
  • Hub > Commission rate per property: add support for reservation created from backend
  • SEF: fix Experience SEF when the alias is translated with Falang
  • Big layout improvements for backend and frontend views for better Bootstrap 5 support and reduce code duplicates
  • Apartment view: checkin and checkout fields are now mandatory
  • Apartment view: hide the Amenities section when there is no data
  • SEF: fix 404 error for startOver link when there is no available room types showed
  • Fix broken card form validation rule
  • Reservation creation and amending: the country field is now optional
  • System page > Database check list > Fix schema: fix issue Path is not a folder
  • Reservation list view: fix performance issue with the search tool when it has custom fields. Also fix incorrect filtering with multiple SELECT fields
  • Experience: fix parameters can not be saved (related to the new Solidres media manager)
  • Customer dashboard: fix My profile can not be saved related to password confirmation field
  • Customer dashboard: fix missing core Joomla language files
  • Customer dashboard: fix menu highlight issues
  • Customer dashboard: fix SolidresHelperRoute not found issue
  • From now Solidres won’t load Bootstrap.css manually to avoid breaking templates styling. It is now the template responsibility to load Bootstrap.css
  • Add validation rule for property email
  • Code improvements: continue removing deprecated Joomla API and move towards namespaced API

Complex Tariff 1.8.0

  • New feature: Occupied vs Unoccupied pricing. This feature can be enabled in Solidres Config > Rate plan. When enabled, there will be a separated price field input for unoccupied date in your rate plan. In frontend, Solidres shows a list of checkboxes for user to specify what day would be occupied or not in order to calculate the appropriate price.
  • New feature: Occupancy restriction type. This new rate plan option is available for rate plan type “Per person per stay” that allows you to override the default room type’s occupancy restrictions (Max occupancy, Max occupancy for adult and Max occupancy for children) with the rate plan level Min adults, Max adults, Min children and Max children. The new flexibility open new ways to define rate plan for scenarios which were not possible before.
  • New feature: Percent pricing type. This new rate plan option is also available for rate plan type “Per person per stay”. When enabled, then Adult 1 price will be set as the BASE price for other adults and children price, it is for scenario like: the booking cost for adult 1 is 100, adult 2 is 70% of the adult 1, the first children is free and the second children is 50% of the adult 1. It helps simplifying rate plan setup and reduce the updating time.

Hub 1.15.0

  • Replace jquery.history.js with the native JS History API
  • Display mode = Grid: fix image display issue
  • Layout improvements, CSS and JS files cleanup
  • Replace webui-popover with Bootstrap popover
  • Replace some deprecated methods
  • Wishlish: fix PHP warning when property has no assigned image
  • Search: use the Joomla View directly, not via Controller
  • Fix partner dashboard navigation bar menu item highlight

Experience 1.10.2

  • Fix missing default currency for new installation
  • Price includes/excludes: heading text is now smaller
  • Book form view: fix missing logo
  • Fix experience’s extra SELECT field width in 3rd Joomla templates
  • Fix experience’s parameter can not be saved issue (related to the new Solidres media manager)
  • Tracking view: show proper warning message instead of Joomla error page
  • Layout improvements for better Bootstrap 5 supported
  • Replace webui-popover with Bootstrap 5 popover
  • Fix reservation saving issue: column ‘coupon_amount’ cannot be null
  • Partner dashboard: fix menu highlight issues

Experience Invoice 0.9.2

  • Fix responsive issue in the reservation edit screen

Experience Search module 0.8.0

  • Replace jQuery UI AutoComplete with Joomla bundled Awesomplete

Quick Search module 0.5.0

  • Replace jQuery UI Autocomplete with Joomla bundled Awesomplete
  • Add hu-HU translation

Advanced Search module 1.4.0

  • Replace typeahead with Joomla bundled Awesomplete
  • Only include Awesomplete when the location field type = TEXT
  • Search: use the Joomla View directly, not via Controller

Statistics 1.9.0

  • Replace jQuery UI Autocomplete with Joomla bundle Awesomplete

Stream 1.0.0

  • Fix issue with Joomla 5: SolidresTableStream::__construct(): Argument #1 ($db) must be of type JdatabaseDriver
  • For entries from non-logged in users, show as “Guest” instead of an empty string
  • Fix table responsive issue

Discount 0.8.4

  • Exp discount saving issue: implode(): Argument #1 ($array) must be of type array, string given

Invoice 1.7.1

  • Fix incorrect grand total calculation because of null value of field tourist_tax_amount
  • Fix responsive layout in the invoice list layout
  • Fix broken remaining payment because Joomla 4 uses case-sensitive event name

Housekeeping 0.4.0

  • Improve Joomla 5 compatibility
  • Replace jQuery UI Autocomplete with Joomla Awesomplete

Assets module 1.0.6

  • Add support for new property static min/max price fields
  • Parameter Items per row is now a predefined list

ACL 0.5.4

  • Fix Joomla 5 compat

Feedback 1.3.2

  • Fix Joomla 5 compatibility

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Update notes

  • Check our documentation for more details about upgrade notes
  • Make sure that you install Dompdf plugin as it is required for all PDF functionality since v2.8.0. Old Tcpdf is unsupported now.
  • Solidres is now required PHP 7.4+ and Joomla 4+. Please make sure that you upgrade your PHP version first before upgrading to new Solidres version.

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