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New feature highlight: tariff reordering

We are working on a new feature in Complex Tariff plugin 1.3.0 which allows owner to reorder tariffs in back end using drag & drop, then the new order will be applied when showing tariffs in front end. It is helpful when you want to highlight specific tariffs to your potential guests.


Development update March 2018

We’ve spent the first 3 months of 2018 in the most energetic way, the big thanks to our users, you pushed us so hard with your valuable support, your endless feature requests and ideas for improvements and many bug reports. You always amazed us with many creative ways to use Solidres. You are the source of inspiration for our continuous development on Solidres. In this month we have made a big release with Solidres for Joomla 2.6.0 and release many new updates to Solidres modules/plugins/templates, we also released 03 new payment plugins for Experience (Authorize.net, Stripe and PayPal Pro). We are also working new Alipay payment plugin which should be released soon. Today we’ve just released 02 new WordPress themes (7Start and BlueBee) for our WordPress users, all of our Joomla templates are also updated to support latest Solidres releases.

For Experience users, we are working on an exciting new feature to allow booking per time slots (for tour/activity happens multiple times per day), each time slot is assigned a “resource” and they are used to check for availability of an experience. A “resource” could be used in different ways, for tourism industry a resource could be a tour guide, the actual definition of a resource dependent on your business type and we believe this new feature will expand a lot of possibilities to use Experience (appointment booking or facility booking as some examples).

Please check our blog regularly to get updated on our development, if you have any questions please make sure to let us know in forum, support ticket system or email us.

Solidres for Joomla 2.6.0 released

Solidres for Joomla version 2.6.0 is now available for download. This release introduces many new features, enhancements, bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Solidres 2.6.0

  • Refactor date picker: new unique style for date picker. Also add ability to show unavailable dates in date picker (requires Complex Tariff plugin)
  • Refactor media manager to make it load faster and more responsive
  • Refactor coupon system to support multiple assets/experiences
  • Add new option to allow free reservation (price = 0), in previous version it is considered as no availability when price is 0.
  • Initial support for Joomla 4 is added
  • Add new hook for payment cancellation event, make it more extensible
  • Add ability to send email when payment status is changed to both owner and customer
  • Add new feature to download Solidres System Info as JSON
  • Fix an incompatibility issue with Nginx
  • Fix an unauthorized deletion of room
  • Fix incorrect tariff adjoining related to min length of stay limitation
  • Now payment method base rate adjustment is calculated on the real pay amount instead of the total amount (when deposit is enabled)
  • Fix CSS issue in Firefox related to extra item toggle bottom border
  • Use hand cursor type for date picker field
  • Fix overlapping issue between session expires modal and some Joomla templates
  • Fix CSS issue of modal window heading
  • Fix room type option “Is Private” is not retrieved correctly in JS file
  • Fix discount on number of booked rooms is not applied while amending reservations
  • Fix hard code translation for “Renew” button in session expire modal
  • Availability calendar should not show trashed reservations
  • Fix issue that prevent changing customer during amending reservations
  • Fix display issue with custom field date type in guest booking form
  • Fix child age validation and price calculation in some cases
  • Refine translation regarding the empty “Accepted card” error message to avoid confusion
  • When amending reservation, use the system calculated tax amount for discount calculation
  • Fix issue with option “Show tariffs” when option “Disable online booking” is enabled
  • Fix coupon validity check for tariff “Package” type
  • Fix min room type price must take single supplement value into calculation

Hub 1.7.0

  • Add support for new coupon system in front end partner dashboard
  • Improve commission list view
  • Add new option to show/hide unavailable assets in front end hub search view
  • Auto apply the default currency when there is not previous currency selected
  • Now the price range filter use the average price per stay, not the total whole stay price
  • Fix incompatibility issue with Nginx
  • Fix subscription form issue with Joomla cache
  • Fix some incorrect mandatory form field in front end partner dashboard
  • Fix 404 issue with reservation links in dashboard
  • Fix permission check for sub menu Feedbacks in front end partner dashboard
  • Fix incorrect permission check for menu My Experiences in front end customer dashboard
  • Fix incorrect pagination for menu Commissions, add 02 new buttons for easier navigation between Assets and Experience commissions
  • Fix embed form issue in some sites with missing required libraries
  • Fix menu metadata is ignored in hub search page
  • Fix searching assets in multilingual mode

Experience 1.0.0

  • New layout for experience single view
  • Add ability to search for date range
  • Add coupon support
  • Add Messenger/Wish list/Share buttons for Experience (requires Hub plugin)
  • Add initial support for Joomla 4
  • Add support for “min/max days book in advance” options
  • Add support for payment method base rate adjustment
  • Add option “Deposit includes extra cost”
  • Add ability to translate payment method front end/success message using {lang} syntax
  • Improve CSS and layout
  • Fix incorrect price calculation with some extra item charge types
  • Fix price display in email
  • Fix reservation cancellation issue
  • Re-organize price display in email layout
  • Show loading indicator for book form only
  • Fix empty gallery path could break extra item description in front end
  • Fix error “Your selected date is invalid, please choose other dates” when multiple experience has different available dates
  • Enforce input length for field short description across different languages
  • Fix duplicate experience.css loading in front end
  • Delete all related extras items when an experience is deleted
  • Apply option “Show price with tax” into showing price in front end
  • Fix experience deletion issue because of constraint with invoice and guest info
  • Fix searching by transportation in experience list view search tools
  • Consolidate filter by category in both front end and back end
  • Add link to search for experience by transportation from experience single view
  • Fix searching experiences in multilingual mode

Statistics 1.3.0

  • Improve field Customer in quick booking form
  • Fix JSON_ERROR_UTF8 error in statistics dashboard for some specific languages
  • Fix dashboard reload button for custom date range searching
  • Fix quick booking creation for custom date range in dashboard
  • Fix incorrect month returned when using dashboard navigation button
  • Fix quick booking validation issue “Please fill all required fields”, make it easier to use
  • Show the full room type name when hover room type in dashboard

ACL 0.4.0

  • Fix incorrect permissions check for sub menu Categories and Limit Booking in front end Hub dashboard
  • Fix 403 Forbidden when using quick view experience reservation.

Custom Field 0.9.1

  • Fix issue that customer can not be changed during amending reservations
  • Fix display issue with Bootstrap 3 for field date and radio
  • Fix multilingual issue for field country and title in user profile page
  • Update German (de-DE) translation
  • Add initial support for Joomla 4
  • Consolidate the layout structure
  • Show the custom field title in the original language, not the user languages

Discount 0.6.0

  • Fix incorrect attribute “require” in XML manifest form
  • Fix option “stop further processing” for discount type “On number of booked room”

SMS 0.2.0

  • Fix wrong reservation code in SMS message
  • Add German (de-DE) translation
  • Add new SMS gateway “Sparrow SMS”

Invoice 1.0.0

  • Add new feature to allow customer to make later payment
  • Show booked room type names in invoice layout
  • Show guest number in invoice PDF layout
  • Add customer company name into invoice layout

Channel Manager 1.0.0

  • Fix sync issue when saving tariff and room type sync mode is “Availability only”
  • Add German (de-DE) translation

Offline 0.8.0

  • Fix issue that front end message can not be translated with {lang} syntax
  • Add German (de-DE) translation

PayPal 0.9.0

  • Add ability to configure custom cancellation message and a redirect page for cancellation
  • Add German (de-DE) translation

PayPal Pro 0.4.0

  • Add warning about empty username/password or signature
  • Add ability to send email when user finish payment from front end user dashboard

Google Analytics 0.3.0

  • Add German (de-DE)
  • Add support for Experience

Facebook 0.2.0

  • Add German (de-DE)
  • Add support for Experiences

Availability module 0.1.0

  • Initial release: this module can show availability calendar of a room type. It can be published in any Joomla module position to show your room type availability calendar in front end.

Coupon module 0.7.0

  • Add support for new coupon system
  • Add German (de-DE)

Camera slideshow 0.8.0

  • Fix broken slideshow in experience’s associated assets
  • Feedback 1.0.0
  • Update layout for review widget

Feedback module 0.6.0

  • Show feedback without reservations attached

Experience Invoice 0.5.0

  • Fix incorrect price and tax in PDF invoice
  • Fix PHP Fatal error related to SRCurrency in back end
  • Fix PHP Notice: undefined customer_middlename
  • Update German (de-DE)

Experience List module 0.6.0

  • Do not show price in front end if “Disable online booking” is enabled
  • Add ability to show upcoming reservations

Assets module 0.9.0

  • Update CSS for list style
  • Add new option “Show feedback”

Stripe payment plugin for Experience 0.1.0

  • Initial release

Authorize.net payment plugin for Experience 0.1.0

  • Initial release

PayPal Pro payment plugin for Experience 0.1.0

  • Initial release

Limit booking 0.9.1

  • Fix incorrect require=true attribute in XML file

User plugin 2.0.0

  • Add new Invoices menu in front end customer dashboard
  • Improve custom field support in customer edit form in backend
  • Use color to indicate booking status in front end customer dashboard reservation list
  • Auto send email when customer cancel a reservation via Custom front end dashboard
  • Hide the form to ask for user to register if Joomla is configured not to allow new registration
  • Fix Joomla user’s group is reset when Solidres saves a customer entry
  • Fix PHP notice error related to missing VAT number

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