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Solidres 0.8.0 development status

Solidres 0.8.0 has reached its 85% development milestone with nearly 20 bug fixes (not included some fixes that we backported into 0.7.1 and 0.7.2) and 30 new features/enhancements. At this moment there are two pending new features which we are working to complete: Customer Control Panel and Discount. The new Discount feature will allow asset owner to specify flexible discount rules like:

  • Discounting on the number of booked rooms,
  • Discounting on the number of days booked in advance,
  • Discounting on the room type’s availability.
  • Discounting on the number of booked nights.

Last but not least, in addition to Solidres 0.8.0 version, there will be a lot of updates for our modules/plugins/templates. Exciting months ahead, please check out blog regularly for latest news or subscribe to our mailing list to get major updates via email.

Thank you for all of your support so far!

The Solidres Team.

Offline credit card payment plugin preview

We’d like to show the first preview of our upcoming Offline credit card payment plugin. This plugin is useful when you only want to collect credit card info (not process/capture it) and store it for manual processing later. This new plugin will be compatible with our upcoming 0.8.0 release.

Offline credit card payment plugin preview

Solidres 0.7.2 and Hub plugin 0.2.1 released

This is a regular maintenance release of Solidres 0.7.x, we fixed 07 bugs in this release, full change log can be found below:

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Default currency in Solidres configuration is not saved correctly.
  • Orphan Falang translation for Standard tariffs.
  • Add 0 as default values for Standard Tariff when creating new room type.
  • Missing semicolon in noconflict.js
  • Could not select asset via modal window in some cases.
  • Remove edit asset button in menu type “Show a single reservation asset”
  • Room quantity validation only applied to cancel event.

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Update notes

  • Backup your website (files + database).
  • Download 0.7.2 and install using Joomla Extension Installer, it will automatically update your current version. Or you can update using the built-in Joomla Updater.
  • If you are subscribers, please make sure all plugins/modules are re-installed.

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