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Solidres v0.9.2 released

One of the target that we mentioned in previous blog post has been completed: a brand new design for our official website, the new website has a modern look, better responsive, reorganize content for better navigation, a total new support ticket system to replace the old one.

In addition, we’ve also released Solidres v0.9.2 and many updates to our commercial plugins, details below:

Solidres v0.9.2
  • New feature: Add inline reservation’s state changing in reservation listing view.
  • New feature: Support asset’s Joomla access level in front end
  • New feature: Show tariff description in adjoining tariffs
  • Improve responsive of field coupon in front end, increase the width of tariff select button, unify date format for checkin and checkout dates
  • Improve support for RTL language
  • Fix deleting media issue in Media Manager
  • Fix export reservation to CSV
  • Fix reservation cancel button in backend
  • Fix option “Child room cost” for Package tariff type
  • Fix single supplement feature for child
  • Fix PHP fatal error for some hosting that does not enable function apache_get_modules
  • Fix saving coupon with customer group “All”
  • Allow assign partner by clicking on username
  • Show discounted price in front end
  • Fix coupon issue that apply to incorrect checkin and checkout
  • Fix room type and room empty trash
Hub plugin v0.4.2
  • Add ability to sort results by feedback’s scores
  • Add ability to show category’s description in front end search result page
  • Fix regression that check in and check out dates are emptied out
Statistics plugin v0.4.0
  • Add ability to create quick booking directly from dashboard (in addition to limit booking).
  • Improve responsive for chart
  • Support booking per night and per day
Feedback plugin v0.3.0
  • Allow saving feedback manually from backend
  • Improve support for RTL language
User plugin v0.9.4
  • Fix PHP fatal error in front end customer dashboard
  • Reset customer group filtering to “All” by default
Limit Booking v0.3.1
  • Use the same date format in Solidres Options
Invoice plugin v0.3.3
  • Improve support for RTL language

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Update notes

  • Backup your website (files + database).
  • Download 0.9.2 and install using Joomla Extension Installer, it will automatically update your current version. Or you can update using the built-in Joomla Updater.
  • If you are subscribers, please make sure all plugins/modules are re-installed for best compatibility with new version.
  • If you are using a 3rd templates that have override files for Solidres, make sure they are compatible with new version.

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