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New pricing from September 01 2015

We’d like to announce the upcoming change regarding our product pricing, please find the details below:

Subscription level New pricing
SINGLE $79 / 6 months
BUNDLE $119 / 6 months
HUB $229 / 6 months
DEVELOPER $449 / 24 months

Why this change is needed?

Our product keeps growing steadily in term of: new features, platform (both Joomla + WordPress), complexity and user base across the world. In order to maintain high quality product and service and improve it further, we need to increase investing into our staff by hiring the best possible developers and designers as well as improving our infrastructure. We have a lot of idea for implementation and our user requested feature list is also increasing which need more resources to make them come true.

Despite this pricing change, Solidres still has the most cost effective pricing in our market.

When will this change take effect?

The pricing change will take effect from September 01 2015. It means that you can still subscribe or renew with the old pricing until September 01 2015.

Solidres v0.9.0 Stable is released

Solidres v0.9.0 is the release that took a lot of time to get stable enough for public release, this version contains a lot of major and minor new features, bug fixes and improvements:

New features

  • Back end reservation creation
  • Support booking per night and per day
  • Support single use supplement
  • Support min and max people limitation
  • Add deposit by length of stay
  • Add search box in Media Manager
  • Allow editing asset’s coordinates directly in map
  • Add new system event: onTariffAfterCompute (see plugin Sample for usage instructions)
  • Add new system event: onSolidresAssetViewLoad
  • Add option to toggle multilingual support for better performance
  • Add Falang content element for currencies
  • Add option to hide room type form fields like adult number, child number, guest name
  • Add option to show tariffs only when guest enter check in and check out
  • Add new translation: Arabic, Polish, French, German


  • Add new options to handle adjoining tariffs and overlapping tariffs better.
  • Add new option to specify how child room cost is calculated (per age range or per quantity)
  • Update translations: Italian, Greek, Russian
  • Improve date handling
  • Change the order of Next and Back button in front end
  • Detect when User plugin need to be reinstalled

Bug fixes

  • Add missing icon for asset with rating 0
  • Fix PHP notices messages related to Facebook Open Graph in front end
  • Fix issue that asset can not be saved without tax
  • Fix issue with Hub pagination
  • Fix delete issue between room and Limit Booking plugins
  • Fix language strings in country edit/add screen
  • Fix incorrect order of post code and city name in front end
  • Fix incorrect number of child max quantity in Check Availability module
  • Fix asset’s theme can not be saved
  • Fix date picker incorrect dates when option “Min days book in advance” is enabled
  • Fix regression that custom payment method’s message is cleared too early
  • Fix room type copying: rooms/standard tariff/complex tariffs are now copied too
  • Fix issue that room type can not be deleted because of facility
  • Fix cancel buttons because of recent change in Joomla 3.4+

As usual, we also release updates for many commercial plugins and templates, more details below:

Plugin Hub v0.4.0
  • Add option to show/hide carousel in hub search page
  • Add option to show/hide sorting bar in hub search page
  • Add option to show/hide each filter section in Filter module
  • Improve search in multilingual site
  • Support search by category and search by asset’s name
  • Add filter row for asset listing view in front end
  • Add missing smoking option and show child options in front end
  • Fix JS issue with template compression.
  • Fix broken link in asset edit screen – tab room type
Plugin Complex Tariff v0.5.0
  • Pre-select field Limit Check in to
  • Add support for booking per day
  • Support min and max peple limitation
Plugin Feedback v0.1.0
  • This is the inital release of this plugin, this plugin allows you to collect your guest’s feedback after they checked out. You can also manage your feedbacks and show feedback in front end with module Feedback.
Plugin Advanced Extra v0.2.0
  • Fix incorrect SQL updates
  • Add support for booking per day
Plugin Discount v0.1.0
  • Fix issue with multiple discounts applied together
  • Update Greek translation
  • Add support for booking per day
Plugin Invoice & PDF v0.3.1
  • Fix date not show correctly because of time zone
  • Update Greek translation
Plugin Offline payment v0.1.1
  • Fix card form not showed when this payment method was selected before
  • Fix credit card validation rules
Plugin User v0.9.2
  • Fix customer group filter and close button
  • Add support for booking per day
  • Add pl-PL translation
  • Fix various PHP notice messages
  • Fix link powered by Solidres can not be turned off in my reservation view
Module My Recent Searches v0.1.0 (New)
  • This is the initial release of this new module which show a list of your recent viewed assets in front end. This plugin requires Hub plugin.

Also, we are packaging our latest template L’Amour, it will be available soon while the new version of our Statistics plugin needs to be delayed because we are having some regressions with the quick booking form.

Useful links for you

Update notes

  • Backup your website (files + database).
  • Download 0.9.0 and install using Joomla Extension Installer, it will automatically update your current version. Or you can update using the built-in Joomla Updater.
  • If you are subscribers, please make sure all plugins/modules are re-installed for best compatibility with new version.
  • If you are using a 3rd templates that have override files for Solidres, make sure they are compatible with new version.

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