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Archive for February, 2016

Solidres for WordPress v0.2.0 stable is released

We are very happy to announce the first stable release of Solidres for WordPress v0.2.0. Since the initial release v0.1.0 Beta, we’ve received a lot of feedback, bug reports and encouragement from our users and this release is the result of all hard works that we’ve committed since then.

In comparison to v0.1.0 Beta, v0.2.0 can be considered as a huge refactoring of our plugin structure to utilize WordPress API better. At this stage, Solidres for WordPress v0.2.0 has most of the features that Solidres for Joomla 0.9.4 is having, there are some missing features like backend reservation creation etc which we are working on for the next release.

In addition to this release, we also release 10 commercial plugins for WordPress subscriber: Advanced Extra, Complex Tariff, Currency, Discount, Invoice, Limit Booking, Offline, Paypal, Statistics, User. To download them you need to subscribe the SINGLE subscription level for WordPress. In the upcoming months we will working on all missing features and convert Joomla templates to WordPress themes one by one, please stay tuned.

This release marks an important milestone for Solidres project, we are strongly committed to provide a solid hotel booking solution for Joomla and WordPress which are the most popular open source CMS in the world.

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