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Archive for January, 2019

New feature highlight: Master/Slave mode

At first, it sounds like a database setup, but it is not. Master/Slave mode is the new feature for Solidres 2.8.0 (Joomla), this new feature is very useful when you want to rent your apartment as a whole unit or as separated rooms at the same time, that means if your apartment is unavailable then all rooms must not be bookable, and if one of your rooms is unavailable then your apartment must be unavailable too. The apartment is the “Master” room type and other dependent room types are “Slave” in this setup.

Actually, we implemented this feature last year, however it does not allow setting different prices for different rooms with that setup therefore we improved it further by introducing this Master/Slave mode.

Admin Customizer – Beautify your Joomla admin!

We’ve been working with Joomla! a lot, and we look at the Joomla! admin screens almost every single day. To be honest, it is boring. The Joomla! admin template allows us to configure some colors using its parameters, but it is quite limited and it is also very time-consuming to find a good and satisfying color scheme, is there a better/quicker way? We asked and we answered by developing a new plugin called Admin Customizer, it has the following main features:

+ Built-in 12 color scheme for you to choose from, and if you are still not satisfied with them, you can create your own.
+ Customizing back end logo and login form logo
+ Customizing login form background image

Last but not least, our upcoming Solidres for Joomla! 2.8.0 has a refresh dashboard user interface and it also has full support for Admin Customizer, stay tuned!

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