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Archive for October, 2017

Mail Catcher v1.0.0 released

Mail Catcher Dashboard

We’d like to introduce Mail Catcher, a brand new Joomla component for catching, logging and monitoring emails sending in your Joomla site.

It is very useful for developers and administrators to monitor and keep track of ALL emails sent from Joomla site for debugging and administration purposes.

The dashboard display reports and statistics information so that developers and administrators can stay on top of ALL email sending activity in Joomla! site, every abnormal activities from spammers, attackers or from some malfunctioned installed extensions can be discovered quickly.

Mail Catcher is also useful to track extensions that send emails regularly and frequently like newsletter or subscription system, it will help you to see if the emails were sent correctly as intended.

Mail Catcher catches and logs the following information:

  • Sent date
  • Sent from email address + name
  • Recipients
  • Subject
  • Email content (supports both text and HTML format)
  • Sending status: failed or successful
  • Mailer: PHP Mail, SMTP or Sendmail
  • Referrer: see from where the email was sent (component, controller)
  • IP address: the IP address of the user who triggered email sending


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