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Solidres 0.5.4 and new plugin Invoice & PDF are released

Solidres 0.5.4 has been released, this is a maintenance version.

Bugs fixes and improvements

  • Fix wrong Itemid in reservation form
  • Fix missing thumbnail folders
  • Add more information in reservation edit screen
  • Change default sorting order in reservation listing to latest created date
  • Fix email sending via SMTP server
  • Improve performance for front end availability checking

A new plugin Invoice & PDF is released at the same time with 0.5.4 for active Solidres subscribers, this new plugin allows you to send PDF attachment (contains reservation info) in email to your guests after they finished their reservation. In back end you will also be able to generate/download/send/preview invoice.

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Update notes

  • Backup your website (files + database)
  • To update from 0.5.3, just download 0.5.4 and install it via Joomla Extension Installer, it will automatically update previous version.

Solidres and Joomla 3.2 Install From Web feature

Solidres and Joomla 3.2 Install from web feature

We should let you know about our integration with this cool feature of Joomla 3.2 sooner, if you’ve not heard about it, Joomla 3.2 allows you to install 3rd extensions from within your Joomla website without having to download the installation package manually. This feature with the Two Factor Authentication are among our favorite features of Joomla 3.2, big thanks to those who make them available!

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