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Solidres 0.7.0 EAP is available for subscribers

Solidres 0.7.0 EAP is now available for all subscribers, for more information please read our previous blog post.

If you are a Solidres’s subscriber, there will be a new topic in your dedicated forum where you can download Solidres 0.7.0 EAP and Complex Tariff plugin (v0.3.0). If you’ve not subscribed, let’s get one of our subscription levels and start testing now.


Solidres 0.7.0 status update

As you all know that we are working very hard on the upcoming 0.7.0 release, this release contains an exciting new feature called “Multiple Tariffs” which means that with 0.7.0 and the new Complex Tariff plugin it is possible to allow your guests to choose between several tariffs/rates/packages (or whatever terms your business is using). In addition, Complex Tariff plugin is upgraded to give you an ability to create “package” type as well as specify allowed check in days (Mon -> Sun), with the new 0.7.0 and Complex Tariff plugin, you will be able to create the following (examples):

  • Standard rate with breakfast/Standard rate without breakfast.
  • Standard rate refundable/Standard rate non refundable.
  • Free Sunday: check in from Saturday and get Sunday for free. Check in must be Saturday.
  • Book 2 get 3: book 2 nights and get 1 night for free.

So instead of having your guest being forced to select only 1 tariff, now it is possible for them to choose, the more tariff options your guests can choose, the more likely they will book!

We are going to release an early preview release for our subscribers this week so that we can collect feedback to refine it before official release. Please check back regularly for more information.



Solidres 0.6.2 released

This is a maintenance version, all Solidres’s users are recommended to update.

New features

  • Add default field for payment methods: now you can configure which payment method is pre-selected in the front end.


  • Imrove the update procedure: now it is no longer required to re-install Invoice plugin after each update. In addition, email templates are also backup. More information will be provided in the screen after you installed 0.6.2.
  • Auto publish user plugin so that you do not have to publish it manually.

Bug fixes

  • Blocked rooms by Limit Booking plugin are not showed in availability calendar.
  • Missing translation for “COM_SOLIDRES_N_ITEMS_CHECKED_IN”
  • Hide the child’s quantity drop down when room type’s child quantity is 0.
  • Currency format pattern is different in room type form.
  • Unpublished limit booking items still have effects.
  • Incorrect fax number.

We’ve also released new versions for Paypal, Limit Booking and Cielo plugins, change log for them can be found in our Download section.

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Update notes

  • Backup your website (files + database).
  • Make sure you are using Solidres 0.6.1. If not, you need to update your Solidres to 0.6.1 first. The same goes to all others version: for example if you are using Solidres 0.5.4, you need to upgrade to 0.6.0 then 0.6.1 first.
  • Download 0.6.2 and install using Joomla Extension Installer, it will automatically update your 0.6.1. Or you can update using the built-in Joomla Updater.
  • If you are subscribers, make sure all plugins/modules are compatible with 0.6.2 by installing latest versions of them (Paypal, Limit Booking and Cielo).
  • Make sure that you edit your asset, then specify which payment method is the default.

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