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Solidres 0.7.0 Beta released

We are glad to release the first beta of Solidres 0.7.0 which contains a lot of improvements, new features and bug fixes:

New features (implemented in this beta release)

  • Multiple tariffs.
  • Refactor email templates: now email templates are responsive and look much more professional. All email templates also fully support template overrides. No need to worry about your custom changes being lost each update.
  • All front end reservation forms support template overrides too.
  • Add logo field for asset, this logo field is intended to be used with email and invoice templates.
  • Show extra’s description when clicking on extra’s titles.
  • Add new CSS class for availability calendar to separates past days and today.
  • Now clicking on each room type in module room type will redirect user to that room type directly (instead of the general reservation page).
  • Add more currency format options with space between currency code/symbol and number.
  • Add option to disable coupon in front end.
  • Add new option to choose whether to show currency code or symbol in front end.
  • Make optional fields in reservation form more obvious to avoid confusing users.
  • Add extra’s cost into email’s templates.
  • Show full reservation’s info in email that sent to asset’s owner.

New features (will be available in next 0.7.0 release, we hold them back because they need more refinement)

  • Add article and image field for Extras.
  • Add article and image field for Coupons.
  • Auto create new Joomla’s users after finishig reservation.
  • Add VAT field.


  • Popover tooltip of payment methods are now shown on click for better mobile experience.
  • Update to new version of all JS libraries bundled with Solidres.
  • Improve upgrade process: No need to update version by version like before, now you are able to upgrade to 0.7.0 from all lower versions. In addition there is no need to backup email/invoice templates.
  • Correct several language strings.

Bug fixes

  • Force user to select an asset when they create a new menu item (Show a single reservation asset).
  • Force user to enter standard tariff when create/edit room type.
  • Fix custom payment method not showed in invoice/email templates.

We also release several Beta version for plugin Hub, Invoice & PDF, Complex Tariff, Statistics, all of them require Solidres 0.7.0 to be functional, please don’t install them in other Solidres versions.

Plugin Invoice
  • Invoice and PDF’s templates are now fully overridable.
  • Remove unused fonts and make the installation package’s size reduced from about 3MB to 945KB.
  • Improve performance: now generating pdf is sligthly faster than previous version.
Plugin Statistics
  • Now the calculation does not take trashed/cancelled reservation into account.
  • Face lift.
  • Support multiple assets and plugin Hub.
Plugin Hub
  • Fix issue when uninstallation does not remove Themes’s table.
  • Add support for Statistics in front end user’s control panel.
  • Add support for the new multiple tariffs feature.
Plugin Complex Tariffs
  • Date picker: auto select “valid to” based on “valid from”.
  • Force user to always enter tariff’s values.
  • Improve layout and make it responsive.
  • Add limit checkin field to support multiple tariff feature, now you can sepecify which days in a week that check in is allowed. It is helpful when you sell your room as a package.

Please use these Beta versions for testing purpose only, do not install it in your live website. Solidres 0.7.0 Beta is only available for Solidres’s subscribers, we will publish it once it gets stable.

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