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Archive for February, 2018

New feature highlight: new layout for experience view

At Solidres, we’ve spent a lot of time to research and improve the overall booking UX, after successfully added 02 new layouts for accommodation booking about 1 year ago, now it is time for a change in Experience plugin. Our research found that users have different ways to interact with the accommodation and experience booking engine, that’s why we came up with different layouts for them right from the start, but of course there is still many rooms for improvement and in the below screenshot you can see the latest layout for experience booking. The new layout is optimized for responsive and removes most unnecessary spaces in your site, it also has a new simple slideshow at the top to show different picture about your experience item to attract your visitors. We also add wish list and social network sharing feature just like our Hub plugin (this feature is available for Hub subscribers).

The new layout will be available in next Experience release v1.0.0, please stay tuned!

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