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Solidres 0.8.0 Beta is released

We’d like to announce the availability of Solidres 0.8.0 Beta and other updates for modules / plugins, this Beta release is available for subscribers only.

Please note that this release is for testing purpose, it must be installed in a Joomla site where no previous Solidres versions are installed. The sample data in this release is also temporarily disabled, it will be re-enabled when 0.8.0 stable is released.

Solidres 0.8.0 change log:

New features

  • New Extras calculation models:
    • Per room
    • Per booking
    • Per booking per night
    • Per booking per person
    • Per room per night
    • Per room per person
    • Per room per person per night
  • New Discount plugin: allows you to create different discount rules
    • Discount on number of booked nights
    • Discount on number of booked rooms
    • Discount on number of days booked in advance
    • Discount on room type availability
  • Customer front end dashboard
    • The change dates functionality is disabled for now because it is not yet ready.
  • New Load Module plugin: support Joomla feature {loadmodule} to embed modules into asset/room type description.
  • Offline credit card payment plugin
  • Facebook Open Graph support
  • Max occupancy for room type
  • Export reservation to CSV
  • Add room/adult/child quantity options in mod_sr_checkavailability and mod_sr_advancedsearch
  • Add ability to assign different room number in reservation editing
  • New option to specify default reservation status
  • Add new mobile phone field in reservation step 2
  • Add adult and child in tariff break down
  • Support zero star for asset’s rating
  • Add new es-ES and cz-CZ translation
  • Add button to apply coupon
  • Add toggle tariff button in front end
  • Auto highlight selected tariff
  • Add ability for payment plugin to customize final message after reservation is made
  • Add filter by name in Falang translation screen
  • Add new field “payment_data” in table #__sr_reservation
  • Add field city to asset listing view
  • Add link to Solidres System page for quick navigation


  • Reduce the size of the bundled JQuery UI
  • Show tax rate beside tax name in tax drop down list.
  • Add link to edit extra items and coupon items while editing room type
  • Increase the maximum length for field title and description of Tariffs for better translation purpose
  • Auto scroll to the top of reservation form after switching steps.
  • Make it easier to select Partner while editing asset via a Modal window.
  • Hide extra rows in step 3 when no extra items are selected in previous steps


  • Fix issue when room label is not saved correctly
  • Disable field customer group for coupon when User plugin is not installed
  • Incorrect language file name for Media Manager
  • Fix various translation issues
  • State: make country/code 2/code 3 as required fields
  • Add check for relationship with asset before deleting a tax
  • Show state name in reservation edit screen
  • Remove reset button in mod_sr_checkavailability and mod_sr_advancedsearch
  • Remove edit button for menu type “Show a single reservation asset”
  • Fix validation rule for rooms when cancelling room type editing
  • Fix issue when front end Hub search returns empty list
  • Timezone is not used correctly
  • Wrong email title “JObject”
  • Fix various PHP notice message related to checked in and checked out fields in some views in backend
  • Coupon not applied to Package
  • Bank wire instructions are now translatable in emails
  • Remove unused Room type fields “Free cancellation” and “Breakfast included”
  • Field “Limit check in to” only applied to Package.
  • Fix double JSON encode for field “Limit Check in to”

Change log for other modules/plugins:

Hub plugin 0.3.0 Beta
  • Fix option show/hide Solidres copyright
  • Fix icon of Dashboard in front end
  • Clicking on image slideshow should redirect to asset page instead of the image itself
  • Timezone is not used correctly
  • Fix incorrect language installation procedure
  • Add Falang content element for Themes and Facilities
  • Support zero star for asset
  • Support Facebook Open Graph
Complex Tariff 0.4.0 Beta
  • Fix double XHR requests
  • Fix incompatibility with Hub plugin
  • Fix incorrect language installation procedure
  • Add publish field
  • Add ability to filter tariffs in listing view: by title, type, customer groups, valid from/to
  • Update de-DE and it-IT translation
Limit Booking 0.2.2 Beta
  • Fix some untranslated strings
  • Add missing semi colon in sql installation file
  • Fix incorrect language installation procedure
  • Add sorting for field start date and end date
Module Extras/Coupons 0.2.0 Beta
  • Fix broken routing when SEF is enabled
  • Add ability to show items in multiple rows
User plugin 0.9.0 Beta
  • Support front end customer dashboard

If you found any issues with our Beta versions, please let us know via our support ticket system.

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