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Archive for July, 2018

New feature highlight: SVG icons for facilities

We are back to our blog to share a new exciting feature for HUB+ subscribers: SVG icons for asset/room type’s facilities. Are you still using icons made by image files or font icons? You should get rid of them and try our new SVG icons set, made exclusively for Solidres and enjoy the state of the art icons in Solidres. Below are some screenshots of the new feature which will be made available in Hub plugin 1.8.0 (requires Solidres for Joomla 2.7.0+).

Facility SVG icons set

Front-end asset view showing facilities icons

Facility SVG icons set

Front-end room type view showing facilities icons

Facility SVG icons set

Backend facility management

Facility SVG icons set

Facility edit form where you can assign an icon for it

New feature highlight: payment history

In the upcoming Solidres for Joomla v2.7.0, we add a new feature called Payment History, it allows recording all payments made for a reservation so that owner can track them easier and clearer. The owner can also add custom payment manually if they want alongside with online payment.

Payment history

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