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New pricing from September 01 2015

We’d like to announce the upcoming change regarding our product pricing, please find the details below:

Subscription level New pricing
SINGLE $79 / 6 months
BUNDLE $119 / 6 months
HUB $229 / 6 months
DEVELOPER $449 / 24 months

Why this change is needed?

Our product keeps growing steadily in term of: new features, platform (both Joomla + WordPress), complexity and user base across the world. In order to maintain high quality product and service and improve it further, we need to increase investing into our staff by hiring the best possible developers and designers as well as improving our infrastructure. We have a lot of idea for implementation and our user requested feature list is also increasing which need more resources to make them come true.

Despite this pricing change, Solidres still has the most cost effective pricing in our market.

When will this change take effect?

The pricing change will take effect from September 01 2015. It means that you can still subscribe or renew with the old pricing until September 01 2015.

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