Upgrade to Joomla 4? Please check this blog post first.

Upgrading is very simple thanks to the built-in updater that has tight integration with Joomla Installer.

To have a smooth upgrade, you should go through the following checklist:

  1. Visit our blog to read about new features/bug fixes/improvements in new versions.
  2. If you are a paid subscribers, make sure that you have all latest versions of your commercial plugins/modules. After upgrade Solidres Core, you will need to install the latest version of all commercial plugins/modules to ensure maximum compatibility.
  3. Make a full backup of your website (including files + database).

The upgrade procedures are:

  1. Upgrade Solidres Core first: you can upgrade automatically via Joomla Installer (Joomla will automatically download and perform all the upgrade tasks for you) or download new Solidres Core package and upload it manually using Joomla Installer.
  2. After Solidres core is upgraded successfully, install the latest version of all commercial plugins one by one using Joomla Extension Installer. Note that you don't need to remove the currently installed versions. Since Solidres for Joomla v1.8.0, there is a new button "Check updates" in Solidres System Info page, you can use that button to check for new update info of all installed plugins/modules/templates in your site.
  3. Make sure all template override files are updated according to the new version. If you have any issues after upgrading, make sure that you disable all template override for Solidres in your templates and try again. Template override is stored in JROOT/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME/html/com_solidres, you can rename or remove this folder. Since Solidres for Joomla v1.7.0, you can rename those template overrides in Solidres System Info page, it is more convenient.
  4. Make a test reservation at the front end and ensure it is working correctly.
Note: Since v1.0.0, Solidres no longer stores language file in JROOT/administrator/language or JROOT/language, if you are still storing language files in those locations, please move to
  1. For Solidres component: /administrator/components/com_solidres/language/ && /components/com_solidres/language/
  2. For Solidres modules: /modules/mod_sr_[NAME]/language/
  3. For Solidres plugins: /plugins/[solidres,solidrespayment,extension,system,content,user]/[NAME]/language/

Upgrading does NOT delete or remove any of your data like assets, room types etc. Your data is safe during upgrading.

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