( Latest versions: 2.8.0 Stable, compatible with Joomla 3.9.0+   &   0.9.3 Stable, compatible with WordPress 4+ )

How to configure ICal

Solidres for Joomla has ICal plugin which can be used for bi-directional availability communication between Solidres and 3rd system/services. This plugin is available for all paid Joomla subscribers.

First, you need to install and enable ICal plugin, also make sure that you are using the latest version of User plugin as well.

Then you need to generate API key for your user account, this API key will be used by ICal plugin. To generate API key, edit your user account in your Joomla User Manager and then click Save, Solidres will automatically generate your unique API key.

To access ICal URL, edit your room type and you will see tab ICal. Make sure that your room type has at least 01 reservations, if your room type has no reservation, Solidres won't show URL. You can use this ICal URL in your 3rd system/services like Google Calendar for example. Each room type has its own unique URL.

You can also see an import button which allows you to import external ICal files from 3rd system/services as well.

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