How to setup PayPal plugin

First, you need to install the PayPal plugin (available to download for subscribers) via Joomla Extension Installer, then enable it in Joomla Plugin Manager. After that you will be able to see PayPal's options in your reservation asset edit screen - tab Payment (besides the existing Pay Later and Bank Wire). There are several fields that you need to configure, for more instruction just hover your mouse over each field for description. The most important fields are:

  • Merchant ID: this is your live PayPal email address, payment will be sent to this one.
  • Sandbox merchant ID: this is a test account that can be used in development. To create a new sandbox account you will need to go to
  • Enable sandbox: this should be switch on if your website is in development. When your website run in production, please switch it off.
Note (this only applies to PayPal Payment Standard plugin, not PayPal Pro payment plugin): it is a good practice to turn on PayPal Auto Return (that make PayPal automatically redirect your guest after payment is completed in website) to make sure that the reservation is fully completed. More info can be found here. Please note that when you enable PayPal Account Optional (to allow your guest to pay without having to register a PayPal account) in your PayPal account setting, your guest will NOT be automatically redirected to your site after payment is completed regardless of the PayPal Auto Return option, but they will have an option to do so.

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