How to configure Myallocator Channel Manager

Note: Channel Manager feature is only available for Joomla at this moment.
How To Configure Channel Manager

The Channel Manager is provided by the integration between Solidres and

Myallocator is Cloudbed’s channel manager. It powers inventory deliverability for thousands of hotels, hostels, and B&Bs in over 100 countries across the globe. With over 300 integrated marketing channels, it has more than any other channel manager on the market. This gives property owners and operators the freedom to list their inventory with previously unknown online marketplaces.


Please follow the following steps to join:

STEP 1. Register a MyAllocator account.

Go to to sign up for a 30 days free trial account (it is easy, no credit card is required). Here's how to Sign Up for FREE 30 days trial account:

  • Go to
  • Enter the information in the signup form
  • Click "Create Free Account" button
How to configure Channel Manager

STEP 2. Create your first property at MyAllocator.

Then in, you need to create a new property (asset / hotel) for it.

NOTE After your property is created, please provide us your property's ID and your website address so that we can use them to configure the API server. You can contact us in our Support Ticket system.

How to configure Channel Manager

The property ID can be found in the URL like the following screenshot.

How to configure Channel Manager

Then assign Solidres as your property's PMS in menu PMS connections.

How to configure Channel Manager

After assigned Solidres as your PMS, you can copy the generated Authentication Token and use it later for configuring your Channel Manager plugin later in step 3.

MyAllocator supports 02 rate types per property including Rate per person and Rate per room. Choose a correct rate type for your property in General Details page.

How to configure Channel Manager

NOTE Please note that in, you don't need to create room types or tariff, it will be done by Solidres. Once the integration is set up, all of your room types and tariff will be synced to by Solidres.

STEP 3. Install Channel Manager plugin

Next, you need to download Channel Manager plugin from our Downloads page, after installed and enabled it via Joomla plugin manager, you can open it and enter your MyAllocator's Authentication Token (copied from above step).

How to configure Channel Manager

STEP 4. Link your Solidres's asset with MyAllocator's property.

After you configured it, there will be a new tab in your asset called "Channel Manager", please enter your property Id there, then click load channels, if your configured channels in myallocator are loaded here, then your property id is correct.

How to configure Channel Manager

STEP 5. Sync your room types & availability in Solidres to Myallocator.

Here is the screen before you perform data synchronization to Myallocator:

How to configure Channel Manager How to configure Channel Manager How to configure Channel Manager
  • Sync your room types:

    To do that you can create a new room type in Solidres or edit existing room type is Solidres. Then in tab Channel Manager, you can notice a setting named "Sync options", there are 4 options for you to choose from: None, Availability, Rate, Both. If you choose None, then this room type will not sync to MyAllocator, you can choose to sync Availability or Rate or both.

    How to configure Channel Manager

    Then after saved, your room type and it's rooms will be sent to MyAllocator.

    How to configure Channel Manager

    When the sync is completed, Solidres will show My Allocator's room ID for your room type in Channel Manager tab.

    How to configure Channel Manager

    MyAllocator has a very good tutorial about mapping room types from PMS to MyAllocator and OTA, check it here.

  • Sync your availability (means complex tariff):

    Before this step, make sure that you have set up at least 01 channel in MyAllocator. If you want to test the syncing first, then create a channel named "Developer Loopback" and assign it to your room type.

    You can create a new complex tariff or editing existing tariffs, then after saved, your tariff will be sent to Myallocator.

    How to configure Channel Manager

    After that, go to MyAllocator dashboard and make sure the rates and availability were synced correctly.

    How to configure Channel Manager

After syncing your room type and complex tariff, your channel manager integration is almost completed. You can assign a real channel to your room type.

STEP 6. Test booking synchronization between Channel Manager and Solidres.

At this point, you may wondering how to test to see if Solidres can receive bookings from your configured channels? The answer is to use MyAllocator's BookNow tool to simulate that. After you made your reservation with BookNow, you should be able to see that reservation in your Solidres.

How to configure Channel Manager How to configure Channel Manager

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