How to configure Coupon

Coupon is one of the most common features in Solidres, you can use it to provide a discount for your guest while making a reservation at your Solidres powered websites.

The coupon management interface can be accessed via Solidres backend → Coupons & Extras → Coupons.

Let’s create a coupon for the upcoming Christmas, while you are on the coupon list view, click on New button and fill the following details.

How to configure Coupon

All fields are pretty much self-explained and easy to understand. Please note the following fields:

  1. "Valid from" and "Valid to": these two fields restrict the date range that your guest can apply the coupon while they make their reservation. In this example we restrict it from Feb 22, 2017 to Nov 30, 2017 - it means if a guest makes a reservation on Dec 01, 2017, the coupon won’t be applied.
  2. "Valid from checkin" and "Valid to checkin": these two fields restrict the check-in date range for this coupon, as you can see in this example, the coupon is only applicable if guest check-in from Dec 20, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017

In the tab Publishing, you can see some extra information like Article (a Joomla article that contains more information about your coupon) and Image, these fields are used by Coupons module (available for BUNDLE+ subscribers), if you don’t use Coupons module, then just skip them.

Now you can save your coupon.

Then you need to assign your coupon to the room types that your coupon will be used. Edit a room type in your Solidres backend – tab General information and check the coupon name that you created in the first step.

How to configure Coupon

In the front end, when guest checks for availability and enter the coupon code in the coupon field, if the coupon is applicable then Solidres will apply the discount to the assigned room types.

How to configure Coupon

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