How to override Solidres translation per property's category

UPDATE: since Solidres for Joomla 2.9.0, you don't have to edit files manually to make override, we have an UI for you, check it out here:

Since Solidres for Joomla v1.9.0, a new useful feature is added to allow overriding Solidres translation per property's category.

Why we need it? For example, your website has 02 asset's categories: Hotels, Apartments and by default in the front end, Solidres uses the word "Room and rates" in single reservation asset view.

How to override Solidres language per asset's category

While it is appropriate for assets in category "Hotels", it is not quite correct for assets in category "Apartments" which should read "Apartment & Rates", so how to deal with this scenarios?

First, you need to create an override language file in the following folder (assumes you are using English - en-GB).


The file name is quite simple, all you need to do is to replace the number at the end of the file name to your asset's category ID.

Inside that file, you can put your override translation, for example, SR_STEP_ROOM_AND_RATE="Apartment & Rates"

Then in the front end, Solidres will automatically detect and load override language file according to the current viewed asset's category.

How to override Solidres language per asset's category

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