How to configure Solidres to be compatible with GDPR

Below is a quick setup tutorial to guide you through all necessary steps to install additional extensions to make your Joomla site becomes GDPR compatible.

1. Download "" from this link, then extract it and you will see two .zip files and a folder.

2. Open your Joomla Extensions Installer and install, it will install com_datacompliance and associated plugins into your Joomla site.

This component is developed by Akeeba here: and published under GPL license.

If you encounter an error message that says you need to install FOF v3 framework, then open the folder "Optional" in your extracted folder (step 1) and install file If you encounter an error message that says "AkeebaFEFHelper is not found", then open the folder "Optional" in your extracted folder (step 2) and install file

3. Install using Joomla Extension Installer.

4. Now you can access component "Akeeba Data Compliance" from Joomla backend, menu Component. Go to the Options in the top right, confirm the settings, choose your Privacy Page and re-save it.

5. Go to Joomla Menu Manager and create a new menu item with type "Akeeba Data Compliance - Data Processing Options", this menu will be accessible for registered users only and they can use it to confirm their consent about data usage at your website, they can also see two option to export and delete their personal data in your site.

NOTE This component is only compatible with PHP 7 at this moment.

NOTE This solution is sufficient for now. However, for a long-term plan, you should wait for the official com_privacy from Joomla! Project: We are working closely with them to find a best implementation and integration.

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