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    Revive Joomla Template

    Unique template for Experience (Tour & Activities) booking portal site

Revive template - Unique template for Experience (Tour & Activities) booking portal site

Book tour, activities, sightseeing, attractions, adventure to Solidres.

The market is full of Experience (Tour & Activities) booking portal Joomla template, but the majority of them are only for building ‘prototype’ websites with many ‘custom HTML’ modules, not a real dynamic and functional website because there is no real integration with a real experience booking extension like Solidres.

Revive is the first template that we made specifically for experience booking portal sites, all in a single installation package. It is designed to work with the Solidres package and Experience plugin, it is available as separate purchase here.

Latest versions: 1.0.0 Stable
Released On: July 2020
Compatibility: Joomla 3
Framework: Helix Ultimate
We'd like to offer a 35% discount for SINGLE, BUNDLE, HUB, and DEVELOPER subscribers.

$ 45

Updates and Support: 6 months

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Super easy installation and configuration

Quickstart package is available for Solidres subscribers.

Fully responsive

Your website looks great and works seamlessly across devices and screen sizes.

Rich template options

Take full control over your template with powerful but easy to use parameters, powered by the Helix Ultimate framework

Multilingual supported

Support multilingual, including RTL languages.

Browser compatibility

Compatible with all major browsers

Best support

Template and extension from a single provider, ensure the highest quality and compatibility.

The current version of the Revive template only supports the Solidres experience.

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