Support policy of Solidres



Chance of Getting it Fixed

Well described issues The more details you provide, the faster we support you. A well-described issue needs to be written in English and it should include as much information as possible: a website address, admin account, FTP account, phpMyAdmin account, screenshots and steps to replicate the issue. For example, if the issue related to tariffs, you should include your room type name, your test check in and check out dates. Please don't use general words to describe your issue like “I have a problem”, “It is not working”, they will just slow down the support progress. Excellent
Bugs from Solidres We love fixing our product's bugs, if you discover any ones, let us know as soon as possible so that we can investigate, confirm and fix them. Excellent
Small customization What is a small customization? It is something like changing some CSS rules a little bit or modifying several lines in a PHP file. We understand that each user has a unique needs and we are happy to help you with a small modification for no extra cost. For bigger modification like adding a new feature, coding a custom payment plugin or changing a template, please request our Custom Development service. High Probability
High Probability
Hosting issues A good website needs to be run on a well-configured server. Unfortunately not all hosting providers offer a good enough service for Joomla sites, especially some cheap shared hosting providers. If your reported issue is confirmed as a hosting issue then the best thing that you can do is to either report it to your hosting provider and ask them for a fix or switching your hosting provider.

You can discover hosting issue yourself by following these 2 steps: first, you can run your website in your own localhost and second you should try to run your website in another server if both work then your current hosting is having a problem.

Conflicts from other extensions/templates There are thousands of Joomla extensions that could create all kind of conflicts. Joomla is a great CMS and it provides an ultimate possibility for 3rd extensions to modify the core functionality in various ways and some ways cause conflict like adding/removing jQuery, modifying the DOM structure. When these issues happen we will carefully investigate to find the root cause and if we confirm that the issue is from other extensions, you will need to contact them for a fix.

About templates, some templates do not match the requirement like not supporting Bootstrap, or using an out of date template override, or loading an incompatible Javascript file. Also, some template providers provide a broken quickstart package that could create upgrade conflict. The best thing that we can do is to identify the issue and then you need to contact your template provider for a fix.

Very Good
Very Good
New feature requests We love new feature requests and we've implemented a lot of feature requests from our users. Solidres is built for our users and we do appreciate any feature requests. However we will evaluate each feature request and give each one a priority, not all requests will be implemented, some will be implemented soon, some need to wait while some will not be implemented. Maybe, Maybe not
Maybe, Maybe not

Support Availability

  • For all Solidres's paid subscribers, our dedicated support team is available from Monday to Friday. Support is only provided in English. All Solidres's paid subscribers can use the dedicated forum and our ticket system.
  • We do not provide official support for free users, however, free users can use our community forum to discuss with other users.

Where to find support

What we can not support

  • Adding new feature: if you want to add a feature that is not in our feature list, please consider hiring a professional web developer or contact our Custom Development service.
  • Changing the current feature.
  • Layout overhauls to match your current template.

We do not provide support via email.

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