Initial configuration for Solidres

1. Publish 02 built-in modules

After installation is completed, you need to publish 02 built-in modules in frontend:

  • Solidres - Module Check Availability: this module is used for checking availability of the default property.
  • Solidres - Module Currency: this module is used for switching the active currency.

HINT Navigate to Joomla Administrator > Extensions > Modules

Initial configuration

2. Install sample data

The next step is to install the sample data for Solidres. Go to Solidres by clicking on Components → Solidres in your Joomla backend's main menu. In the System Info tab, click "System Info".

You will be asked to confirm that you wish to install the data by click on the button "I understand and want to install the sample data.", accept this confirmation and the sample content will be installed, ready for you to use.

Initial configuration

3. Install demo images

If you've installed the sample data for Solidres, then it's a really good idea to also install the example images that Solidres makes available to download on their site, as this will ensure your sample content has example images that will help when creating the front page and reservation page layouts.

Please go to to download sample media package. In the Solidres for Joomla section, click on the View Files button for the latest stable version of Solidres, you will be taken to a page with a list of different files.

Click on the Download Now button at the bottom of the file. Once the download completes, installing this package is similar to installing other Solidres extension types.

Initial configuration

4. Configure Joomla menu item

Now you need to add a new menu item with type "Solidres - Show a single reservation asset". Your user will access your asset via this menu on the front end.

Initial configuration

After your menu is added, go to Joomla Module Manager and edit module Check Availability, then in the parameter "Target itemid", choose the menu item that you have just added. When your user checks for availability on the front end, the module will redirect your guest to this menu item.

Initial configuration

5. Configure Google Maps API Key

Google requires a FREE API Key for accessing their Maps product. Get a free API key here and enter it into Solidres Options - Component - Google Maps API Key.

In the API list, there are many options to choose from, make sure that you choose the correct one

  • Google Maps JavaScript API (for Solidres Options - Component - Google Map API Key)
  • Google Static Maps API (for Solidres Options - Hub - Google Static Map API Key)
Initial configuration

6. Enable at least 01 payment method for your property

By default, Solidres includes 02 built-in payment methods: Pay Later and Bank Wire. First please make sure that you enable it in Solidres System Info page, then configure it by editing your property, then they will show up in front end > reservation step 2 "Guest info & Payments".

7. Check the result in the front-end of your Joomla site

Initial configuration Initial configuration

Solidres core hierarchy

A full working setup needs to be created in the following order:

  • Category: if your system has only one property, this field is required but not important. If your system has multiple properties (using Hub plugin), then you can define a category for your property. It will be used in front-end filtering in search results page as well as in the search module where guest can search for a specific category.
  • Property: accommodation like hotels, apartments, villas, B&B, resorts.
  • Room type: the property's room type. If your property is a room based businesses like hotels, there is no need for further explanation. If your property is an apartment or a house which guest can book as a single unit, then room type in this scenarios acts like a whole property.
  • Room: the smallest bookable unit for your room type. For example, your Double Room has 5 available rooms, then you should create 05 rooms for Double Rooms. In case of villa/apartment/house booking, you can create 01 room to represent 01 villa/apartment/house.

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