Frequently asked questions





  • 1. How to choose a good Joomla template for Solidres?

      For Joomla users, please make sure your chosen template supports Bootstrap 2 or Bootstrap 3 frameworks and it can run with Joomla 3+. Furthermore, you can check templates made by Solidres. Some template providers claim that they support Solidres, but you must contact them to make sure that they do support latest Solidres version before purchasing.

  • 2. I am using a Joomla quickstart package from my template provider and I am having upgrade issue?

      This is because your Joomla quickstart package was not created correctly and it has missing values in Joomla table #__schemas. You should contact your template provider and ask them to fix it for you. Table #__schemas is where Joomla stores necessary information to perform the upgrade. For Solidres, it should contain a row that links to 'com_solidres' in table #__extensions. This is a common issue with 3rd template providers and their quickstart packages.

  • 3. How to disable template override for Solidres?

      Rename or remove this folder /templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME/html/com_solidres. This step is helpful when you need to disable out of date template override for Solidres. You should ask your template provider to update their template override for Solidres if template override is causing an issue.

      In newer Solidres, you can go to Solidres System Info page, section "Template override check list", then you will see a button to quickly disable all template overrides.



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