How to create language overrides for Solidres in Joomla

This tutorial shows you how to override Solidres's language strings. So what is language override? Language override allows you to change any language strings without having to touch the original language file and your changes will be kept intact without being overwritten by each update.

In this example we will use English (en-GB) as an example, you can change it to your language accordingly.

Option 1: Manually create overridden language files

  • Frontend: language\overrides\en-GB.override.ini
  • Backend: administrator\language\overrides\en-GB.override.ini

Option 2: Use Joomla's Language Overrides Tool (recommended)

Example: We are going to change "Arrival Date" title to "Check-in" of module check availability.

Language overrides for Solidres in Joomla
  • 1. Go to Joomla admin → Extensions Manager → Language Manager

  • 2. Click the Overrides tab.

Language overrides for Solidres in Joomla
  • 3. Select Language and location of it (Frontend or Backend) and then click New.

Language overrides for Solidres in Joomla
  • 4. Under the Search text, you want to change, type in the text you want to edit (as you see on the site). In our example, enter the following text “Arrival Date”. Ensure Value is selected, and then click Search.

  • 5. In the search results, you will get the constant: SR_SEARCH_CHECKIN_DATE.

  • 6. Click on SR_SEARCH_CHECKIN_DATE, as this is the value we want to change. Or Enter this constant in Language Constant * box.

  • 7. Enter your value (in our example Check-in) in the Text box.

  • 8. Save.

Language overrides for Solidres in Joomla

Refresh the page. We can see that the title is changed.

Language overrides for Solidres in Joomla

You can create as many overrides as you like.

All the things you need to make your work easier. Did you like Solidres?