Initial configuration for Hub plugin

After installed Hub plugin, there are several steps that needed to be done:

Create new 02 menu items:

  • Menu item with type "Solidres - Show front end Hub search page": this is a page that contains the search results, after a guest search for availability via Advanced Search module, they will be redirected to this page to view search results. Initial configuration for Hub plugin
  • Menu item with type "Solidres - Show the frontend dashboard": this is the front end dashboard where your partner manages their own properties in the front end. Only partner can access the front-end dashboard. Initial configuration for Hub plugin

Front-end partner's dashboard

A partner is a user who has full access to his own properties only. With Hub plugin, a partner can manage properties, room types, reservations, coupons, extras, limit booking, discounts, statistics, feedbacks and experiences from front end without having to access the Joomla's backend. This kind of separation of duty increase your site security and simplify backend ACL configuration.

And here are the screenshots of the partner's dashboard in the front-end:

Initial configuration for Hub plugin Initial configuration for Hub plugin Initial configuration for Hub plugin Initial configuration for Hub plugin

The frontend management UI is pretty much the same as the backend, we keep them consistent to make your management tasks become easier.

Solidres Options

  • Go to Solidres Options page - Component tab, Partner user group to choose a Joomla user group for your partners. "Editor" user group is a good choice. You also need to make sure that Partner user group and Customer user group are different.
  • After that, make sure your chosen Joomla user group has enough permission, go to Solidres Options Page - Permissions tab, click on that user group and make sure it has the following permissions: Create, Edit, Edit State, Edit Own.
Initial configuration for Hub plugin

Install and publish the following modules:

    Initial configuration for Hub plugin
  • Advanced Search module (mod_sr_advancedsearch), this is a supportive module of Hub plugin which provides the ability to search multiple properties by different conditions like category, location (city), property's name. Don't forget to set the parameter "Targer Itemid" to the search page menu item that you created in the previous step.
  • Filter module (mod_sr_filter), this step is optional. Please note that to show the price filter, you have to edit your currency in the backend and define price ranges into field "Filter range" first. The price range format is similar to this one:
    • 0-59
    • 60-139
    • 140-209
    • 210-279
    • 280-plus
    Initial configuration for Hub plugin
  • Location Map module (mod_sr_locationmap), this module is used to show the map for the current results page. This step is optional.
  • My Recent Search module (mod_sr_myrecentsearch), this module is used to show the properties that guest has been visited on your site. This step is optional.
  • Assets module (mod_sr_assets), this module is often used to show a list of properties with slideshow/carousel, the most appropriate place for this module is the homepage where you want to showcases some of your features properties.

Review and save permissions settings (if you are using ACL plugin):

If you are using ACL plugin, then you need to go to Solidres Backend > Access Control, then review the permissions that you want to give to your partner group and adjust the permissions if you want.

OPTIONALLY You can enable Hub's Subscription and Commissions feature to assist you with generating income for your site if you have the plan to monetize your Hub powered site. (How to configure subscription and commission in Hub plugin)

Initial configuration for Hub plugin

NOTE With Subscription feature, you will need to enable the plugin "Solidres - PayPal payment plugin for Hub subscription" and configure it via Joomla Plugin Manager.

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