How to configure Speedy Translate

First, you need to subscribe and download Speedy Translate from this page.

Then install it on your Joomla site using Joomla Installer Manager, just like other Joomla extensions. Please note that Speedy Translate only supports Joomla 3.x, the latest version is always preferred.

After successful installation, you can access Speed Translate in Joomla backend via menu Components → Speedy Translate. The dashboard will give you a quick overview of your current system and what needs to be done in order to use this extension. After that, you can go to Speedy Translate's Configuration and make your desired option.

How to configure Speedy Translate

The first option is "Enable inline translation", this option will allow you to work on multiple languages concurrently via a convenient user interface (for dynamic content). If you turn on this option, then you need to choose the multilingual mode in the option "Multilingual mode", there are 2 choices including Joomla and Falang. With the Joomla integration mode, the supported extensions are Joomla core components: com_content, com_categories, com_contact, com_newsfeed. With Falang integration mode, the supported extensions are Joomla core components like com_content, com_menu, com_categories, com_banners, com_modules, com_tags and other 3rd extensions like Solidres, JEvents, K2, J2Store.

NOTE For Joomla integration mode, if you add new or edit an article, for example, make sure that you choose the default language (the default language is set in Joomla back-end → Extensions → Languages) in the language field so that it can work properly.

The second option is "Enable context translation", this option will allow you to translate the static content by directly clicking on the text that you want to translate. Note: you need to log in as superuser first, then you will see a switch button to turn on/off the context translation mode so that you can both work and translate and the same time without any interruption.

There is also an option called "Download ID", you can enter the download ID that can be seen in your My subscriptions page at This download ID will allow you to do an automatical update from within Joomla back-end, please note that this download ID will expire when your subscription expired.

How to configure Speedy Translate
NOTE If you have any questions, you can always contact us via our support ticket system which can be found under top menu Support - Tickets.

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