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Feature Request : Commissions through Complex Tarrif, or per Property

7 months 4 weeks ago #17106 by kooka
Explanation, for villa or appartment rental :

• Commission System wishes for villa rental :
The best thing to integrate commision for any villas within your integration already developped will be to add a commission in the tarriff of the room type, the same way you developp tarrif, a line Under each tarriff and each day, like this we could create a commission for a villa, change commissoin regarding the seasonal period. Like this if a Partner has several villas and give us a different commssion for each villas it will be offered with your system

How is working a travel agency (the same for all of us)

A travel agency can work either with direct owner , or with other travel partners

All can propose us 1 villas or severals villas in différents area.

They can decide to give us a equal commission to all their properties OR to give us a commission for each villas which can be different one from the other.

Your system of commission if we understood well, don’t allow us to give a specific commission for each villa. OR we need to duplicate an user and user group for each commission we could have

If M. jones has 3 properties with 3 differents commission how could impout this in Solidress
Villa A : 10 % commission given to us
Villa B 15% commission given to us
Villa C : 20 % commission given to us

In your system we should proceed this way
Create 3 distincts commission
Create 3 user group 10, 15, 20
And create 3 identic users for each user group ?

Very complicated and not the best way

So could we have a commission associated to a VILLA and not to a USER ?


Explanation regarding the use of commission for a villa rental

When we are a travel agency there are 3 possibilities to work with commission for villas rental

1/ the owner gave us a net rate on which we add our commission, the result will be a gross rate that the Customer could see on our site
If there is a booking, we will pay to the owner a deposit and a balance (the net rate)
We ‘ll receive the gross rate from the client
The difference will be the marge the travel agency will keep for its own.

2/ the owner gave us the gross rate and give us a % of commission to calculate to find out its net rate
An example : Gross Rate 10 000 Euros – 20% of commission = net rate of 8000 Euros for the owner for each booking

3/ the owner give us a little commission on the gross rate and the travel agency decides to add a commission on top
Gross rate 10000 Euros but he gives us only 5% comm (not enough for the travel agency)
The 10 000 euros will be a basis rate to work
10000 euros – 5% = 9500 euros (the net rate)
10000 euros + 15% (the commission we decide to add) to calculate the new gross rate for the client : 11500 Euros (the official price on the site)

We need to have these 3 solutions in your app Solidres because it’s like all travel agencies are working at these times

We would like to see,
- the net rate of the owenr in the reservation section
- the public price (what the client will pay)
- the commission we receive : public price – net rate of the owner
- a VAT we have to declare to administration calculated on the margin (commissoin received)

Thanks, regards, Thomas

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7 months 3 weeks ago #17125 by solidres

Thank you for your very detailed feedback, it is much appreciated.

Yes, the current Commission system works on user group level, not on property or rate plan (tariff) level, we will consider it for future releases.


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7 months 3 weeks ago #17126 by RevPar

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