[2.13.2 Issues] Inquiry forms

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[2.13.2 Issues] Inquiry forms was created by joomleb
Hi guys,
PHP 7.4.33 + Joomla 4.2.8 + Solidres 2.13.2 + last plugins...

Property Inquiry form - …/modules/mod_sr_checkavailability/mod_sr_checkavailability.php
Experience Inquiry form - …/plugins/solidres/experience/components/com_solidres/views/experience/tmpl/default_inquiry_form.php

1 - While for Property you defined the Button id, in Experience you added it as class. Would be good to define both as id and distinguish Property from Experience, something like:

2 - Experience - the btn-block is deprecated i Bootstrap 5, button should be included into a div where to assign the class="d-grid"
Property - would be good to apply it also on the Property module inquiry, but for sure would be good to show fields in two columns for md dimensions, splitting them as (for example):
- left column: Name / Email / Phone
- right column: Message / Captcha / Button (where the button should be d-grid, the old btn-block, as for Experience)
I'm working on a simply CSS solution, I'll be back here soon to share it with you.

3 - Buttons - Instead to the predefined btn-primary class, would be good to call for both the default setting class: <?php echo SR_UI_BTN_DEFAULT ?>
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