Uninstallation Solidres

In this article, we'll walk you through the steps for uninstalling Solidres package. A package is something that extends the base functionality of Solidres. For example, modules, plugins, and components are all referred to as extensions for Solidres package.

For subscribers: if there are any installed non-core plugins (like Complex Tariff, Limit Booking ...), please uninstall them first before uninstalling Solidres.

To uninstall Solidres package, you can use the Administrator of Joomla! then follow these steps:

1. In the top menu, hover over Extensions and click "Manage → Manage" from the drop-down menu.


2. Select the type of extension you wish to uninstall. You will have the choice between Components, Files, Modules, Plugins, Languages, Library, Module, Package, Plugin, and Templates.

HINT Use the filter feature, type "solidres" in the filter to filter out the relevant components Solidres package quickly.


3. Find the extension you wish to uninstall and check the checkbox to the left of the extension title. Press "Uninstall" button on below the title "Extensions: Manage".


If successfully removing Extension messages will appear:

Uninstallation Uninstallation

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