Solidres for Joomla 2.13.0 Stable

This is Solidres v2.13.0 (Stable), it is a major release with focus on Joomla 4 compatibility and removing Joomla 3 support.

Change log:
  • Improve support for Joomla 4 + Bootstrap 5 + Fontawesome 5
  • Drop support for Joomla 3 and older Bootstrap versions (prior to Bootstrap 5)
  • Add captcha for view=apartment
  • Add availability calendar display for view=apartment
  • Add Terms and Conditions checkbox for view=apartment
  • Add th-TH translation (contributed by Thellie)
  • Inquiry form: add support for custom fields
  • Add new option to require user log in in the single property view
  • Fix payment method popover display in guest form
  • Language files cleanup, fix syntax error in es-ES
  • Fix side navigation bar display issue when option Main activity is set as Experience
  • Remove option Invoice number prefix override
  • Add missing Experience Offline payment method entry in System info page
  • Fix grand total amount is not updated automatically in reservation edit form in backend
  • Reduce duplicated code for confirmationform and guestform
  • Fix apartment layout issue when option Layout style is set as 'Style 2'
  • Fix side navigation bar state remembering issue
  • Fix extra item deletion issue due to a foreign key constraint
  • Fix reservation saving issue related to custom field type 'File upload' in view=apartment

File size
2.20 Mb
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Joomla 4.3

This is the installation package for Solidres 2.13.0 Stable. This version requires Joomla 4+ (Joomla 3 support is removed).

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File size
3.34 Mb
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Joomla 4.3

This file contains sample images in case you need to install the sample data.

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