Solidres for Joomla 2.13.3 Stable

This is Solidres v2.13.3 (Stable), it is a minor release which fixes various issues found in previous version.

Note: since v2.13.0, Solidres only supports Joomla 4+

Change log:
  • New feature: OpenStreetMap integration (this is an experimental feature, it should be used for testing purpose only, it is also not yet supported in Solidres commercial extensions)
  • Apartment view: fix incorrect rate plan calculation due to incorrect checkin/checkout dates passed
  • Customer dashboard > My reservations: add Total Fee and Tourist Tax
  • Add Total Fee field into the Summary module layout
  • Fix room type/room deletion and changing state issues
  • Code cleanup for modules related to module class suffix
  • Fix PHP warning related to room type Is Exclusive setting
  • Update Panama states
  • Fix date picker field does not show correct values for multilingual site
  • Fix various issues in Solidres Style 2 & 3: inquiry form, prioritizing room type
  • Improve Bootstrap 5 and FontAwesome 5 support
  • Fix installation SQL error: Index column size too large.
  • Fix reservation saving issue in front end: 404 not found
  • Now all the carousel initiation is done automatically without using manual Javascript calls
  • Fix PHP warning in the router: foreach() argument must be type of array|object, string given

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Joomla 4.3

This file contains sample images in case you need to install the sample data.

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File size
2.61 Mb
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Joomla 4.3

This is the installation package for Solidres 2.13.3 Stable. This version requires Joomla 4.2.9+ (Joomla 3 is NOT supported).

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