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5 months 4 weeks ago #19493 by Krx
Replied by Krx on topic Media Manager - Folders
Today I downloaded Solidres 1st time to evaluate it if it will be suitable for desired purpose. After some testing I was very surprised when I realized that all uploaded images goes into same folder. IMHO it would be tremendously more usable if each property would have its own folder for images named as ID. SO that media manager would see only images from folder belonging to current property
Current way of having all images in same folder is a nightmare for property managers with many properties where each property have many images.
It makes it next to impossible to properly maintain images.
This feature would be very easy to implement and keep it backward compatible.
Just add setting in main settings: Keep property images separated.
If not checked, system would work like before. If checked, system would create and unique folder for each property.

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5 months 3 weeks ago #19519 by Thai-Mc-Tours
Replied by Thai-Mc-Tours on topic Media Manager - Folders
+1, would love to be able to add good quality video without slowing page loading speed. Haven't tried on Solidres but iframe/YouTube etc on last (Joomla 3.8) site was unmitigated disaster.

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