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Different calendars based on different Rate Plan Intervals

8 months 1 week ago #17014 by abosaleh
Starting from this picture:

Accoring to Documentation:
Interval (since v1.9.3): allow you to configure a fixed interval that your guest have to select: for example if your Min Night = 7, Max Night = 21 and Interval = 7, then in the front end, your guest is only able to choose 7 nights, 14 nights or 21 nights.

Assume that someone wants guest to rent a room type on weekly basis.
Hence, Min. Night=7
Max. Night = 7 (or multibles)
Interval = 7

Currently; In front end; nothing is telling the guest to do so, except prehaps from the description.
I suggest that Front End Date Picker Calender shall show only week blocks (or cross out none allowed dates):
for exampl and assuming (Show inline check availability):
Calendar shall show like this image:

Another way is to ask the guest to pick only the starting date. Next you ask him to select no. of weeks.
If Interval is 30 days (means monthly renting system): in this case after he clicks on the arrival day, he then can select no. of months.
For 6 month leasing system: clicks on arrival date, then ask him to select no of 6-month blocks
and so on for annual system.

I hope this idea is clear enough
and is welcomed by Solidres team

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