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RMS : Improved reservations and take-away orders

6 months 2 weeks ago #17258 by RevPar
Hi Team,

1- Many of my users ask me if we can define a date or a maximum time to order or reserve a table.For example, not being able to reserve a table the same day, but the day before, or reserve before 11:00 am the same day or reserve X hours/minutes before the start of the service.

2- It is the same for the take-away order: not being able to order before X minutes or hours from the date and time at which the customer comes to collect his order.

3- This last functionality does not exist and is not provided for in the form: Time at which the customer comes to collect his order (Collect hour / date).

4- Be able to pay online via Stripe or Paypal for the take-out order

5- Add an order status "Confirmed" in addition to Pending and Closed for take-out orders. This status would generate a second email to the customer to confirm that their order has been taken into account. Many of my clients tell me that clients consider the first to be a confirmation, but that is not always the case.

6- Do the same thing (add a "Confirmed" status) for the reservation of a table with the generation of sending an email confirming the reservation to the customer.

Don't hesitate to put +1 if you think this feature is important!

Best regards

Best regards

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