Export and import of real estate objects and rooms.

3 months 2 weeks ago #18525 by Shefild
Hello everyone. I am sure that everyone has faced a huge problem of transferring the data of hotels, rooms, tours, and all other parameters to another site. For many years, you have not been able to offer users a convenient and easy way to transfer data. We have to suffer with the transfer of sr tables in the database. But this method is very complex and, moreover, constantly carries various errors with it.
The solidres system is presented as a platform for managing a large number of different objects. And indeed it is. But why haven't developers been able to implement a simple and convenient way to import and export object data so far? For example, since import of tariffs is implemented.
You develop new plugins, templates, move to the new Joomla 4 and naturally we work with you to improve our sites making them better and better step by step. But how do we transfer data to new sites? You introduce new requirements for the encoding of tables in the databases and with each update you make drastic changes that very often require a complete reinstallation with new parameters.
I ask you to develop a tool for import and export of real estate objects uploaded to the site, as well as types of rooms, rooms, tours and other related parameters.
I ask users to vote to add this feature.

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3 months 2 weeks ago #18528 by solidres

Thank you for posting new feature request.

From a technical point of view, developing a data migration tool is a very complicated process, there is no "simple and convenient way".

To other users, please vote for this if you are interested in it.

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