Cannot add additional tourist tax to the invoice

1 month 3 weeks ago #18657 by RevPar
Hi team,

Today, when we create a tourist tax supplement to be able to add it manually in invoicing at the end of the stay, it will be added to the supplements and not to the tourist tax.

Consequently, the invoices are false, since we have automatic tourist taxes which are displayed and calculated in the tourist taxes of the invoice, and manual tourist taxes (created in the supplements) which are displayed and calculated. in supplements.

Have a solution for this problem now?

If yes which one ?

If not, can you correct this as quickly as possible in a future version of the plugin or Solidres, and ensure that there is the possibility that the tourist tax supplements are calculated in the tourist tax and not in the supplements!

Best regards

Answer from the support !
Thank you for asking,
We've not found a good general solution for it as this requirement is very specific to your business.
We think your requirement is better fit for a Custom Development project than developing a new Solidres feature as we've not seen any other use cases for it.

This answer is amazing! All hotels add tourist tax manually after the arrival of their clients, and all invoices must be correct regardless of the country concerned.
To answer that this is not an important feature for Solidres is a wrong answer!
Please add +1 to convince Solidres! a good software is a software which respects the legislation on the invoices and the sector of activity in which it works!

Best regards

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