Agent with SMS Capability

6 years 6 months ago #5549 by dannyogolo
Agent with SMS Capability was created by dannyogolo
This is the perfect CMS I have been looking for, and will definitely buy it.
I would like you to think about adding this feature - It will make a new entrant into this business which is saturated gain a quick acceptance.
The idea is for the operator of the hub portal to have a set of people called agents. They can include Airport Taxi drivers, City Cab drivers, even some desirous Hotel front desk staff.
Now they will register as agents and the system generates a special affiliate number for them which it sends to their phone via SMS. Now if the Taxi driver picks up a passenger he will quickly open up a conversation and ask if the passenger has booked a hotel.
If No, he quickly forwards the SMS with link to the operators portal.
If the passenger clicks and ends up booking a hotel in that city, the Taxi/Agent gets a certain percentage from whatever the Portal Operator gets from the hotel.

I think this will drive a quick penetration for new entrants.

Sorry for my long explanation

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