Big dynamic Map module

6 years 4 months ago #5859 by Jari
Big dynamic Map module was created by Jari

I need to have the option to create a big dynamic map, where to have all the assets (camp site domain)
This can be one more step ahead for Solidres , to improve and become much better , more flexible, almost perfect.
I wanted to start this topic with "I will like", but this it's indispensable for my project, and I m blocked on steps like those, trying to find solutions.
It's important to do it well from the start. I do not want to open the site, having people to register their assets, then struggle to change the component.
My wish is to remain to Solidres, since is more simple, and I have many projects in stand by, and less time to lose.
If this first test, will go well, and the solidres team can implement few off my desire, I will be happy to continue all my other site's, with this fantastic Component.

Thank You.

Ps. Here you have an example, off dynamic map. Simple and clean.

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