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Normally a 3 o more stars city hotel has 2 rates types : BAR rate with free cancellation until x days before arrival and Non refundable rate where cancellation is not refunded.
For BAR (free cancellation) rate is very important for customer to know in an easy an exactly way until how many days days before arrival customer can cancel with no charge.Is a very important information to show trust to the customer to buy online . Cancellation policy normally changes depending the year season ,for example in low season you could cancel 24hs prior arrival and after that the charge is 1 night rate.
For high season the cancellation policy could be 96hs prior arrival and charge could be 2 days or half stay for example.
I will send you attachements to see how or treat this issue to better understand .You can see where tell for example "free cancellation before december 5". I will send them by e-mail also to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Is important that potential customer could see this information before he decide to reserve in the site or not because this will much more improve the average to choose this site finally. This information must be showed for sure in the individual hotel property page.In this page should show until which date customer has free cancellation and charge if possible.
Is important that cancellation conditions could be settled depending date range ( x days before arrival and charge) and for each rate (non refundable rate is full rate penalty and "free cancellation rate " is other .

Kind regards

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