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Setup more than one Employee level / user group

9 months 1 week ago - 9 months 1 week ago #12270 by joomleb
Hi guys,

In a HUB point of view:

The first Partner is the only one that pay and can pay the HUB Subscription, create new Assets, okay.

Give a way to the first main Partner to add other "Partners" to the Assets. Something like a first level "Employee":
This is why I think would be better a way to add more than one Employee user-group, in this way Partner can setup its staff with different permissions (depending of their work like Housekeeping, Book-keeping, Car pick-up etc.) and when needed assign to someone quite his same permissions...
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8 months 1 week ago #12381 by joomleb
Merging what I wrote here :

Usually the Partner is the "owner" / "staff manager", but he does not work, he assign different roles to all the Employees.
Customers are asking me to be able to assign Receptionist Staff/Employee to be able to check in/out: Book-keeping.
Obviously always from frontend, that's a must also for Housekeeping

Employee should have its own frontend "Dashboard" (100% mobile responsive is a must) where to receive all the "to do" works and confirm them when finished.

Please, Any hope to see it implemented soon ?

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