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RMS cashier POI and Black boxes

1 year 5 months ago #12624 by one234love
RMS cashier POI and Black boxes was created by one234love
First off all, what a great idea to use Joomla to create such a system. I see a lot of potential but there are a few questions for which I could not find answers in your documentation :

-Can I connect your system to a cashier that has a rj11/rj45 cable and will it register the openings/closure along with the amount of money present in the cashier like an actual POS system ?

-In many european countries, a black box connected to an FDM server is mandatory and people won't be using your system if it is not certified which is something that I could work on.

Here is the architecture :

Blackbox-->FDM Server<--POS<--Cashiers<--Terminals

The FDM has an API for the communication and uses REST/JSON.

Please can you tell me if it is worth investing in your system regarding those points, what do you think about the feasibility?

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