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Speedy Translate improvements requests

8 months 3 weeks ago - 7 months 3 weeks ago #14411 by joomleb
Hi guys,
I Love your Speedy Translate, but some features are a must to be able tu use it:

1 - Front-end & Back-end language switcher module
1A - As far as I understand this module run with Joomla multilanguage, but also with Falang in a mixed way, Am I right ? ...Wonderful
1B - I'm running quite 30 languages. Is there a way in the "Dropdown and Popover" mode to show just an icon (a rounded .svg icon), not icon + test, for the selected language ?
1C - Is there a way to show the language list in the selected language ? For example:
- when I select Spanish (Espanol) in the list is shown "Inglés" (English)
- when I select English in the list is shown "Espanol" (Spanish)

2 - Automatic Translation
Wonderful, but:
2A - Is there a way to have a click "Automatic translations", auto population, for all languages at the some time ? Something like JA Multilingual component
2B - So, we can assign to a "Translators Joomla User Group" an ACL Front End access just to check and correct them editing the translations:
- Would be good to have an Inline Editing Content translation. Can be done with Speedy Translator ? Like ARK Editor
- Translators could use the split browser feature tu put on the left the original article and on the right the translated one to compare them and edit it directly...
- and, when done, when checked and edited from the translator, with a "checkbox confirmation" taken over from the list of "Translation check pending" like no more translationn check pending... So, would be good to have all the automatic pre populated contend listed in a Front End page (check translation needed, per language)

3 - API Translators
3A - Can you add the Google v. 3 API and Microsoft Translator v. 3 API ? Really more advanced for the AI, the NMT
3B - Can you add it "by language" ? For example Google could perform the best translations from English to Spanish, but Yandex performs the best one from English to Russian...

4 - Seblod
To have your "Inline Translation - Working on multiple translations" feature running also with SEBLOD
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8 months 3 weeks ago - 5 months 3 weeks ago #14434 by solidres
Replied by solidres on topic Speedy Translate improvements requests

Thank you for your feedback, we've forwarded it to our developers so that we can evaluate and consider them for future releases.

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